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Dan Dediu: Composer Portrait @ RCI New York


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Composer Portrait: Dan Dediu

Diptic / Diptych

One of the most prolific personalities of the Romanian musical scene, Dan Dediu, will perform in a piano recital at Klavierhaus, inManhattan, onAugust 2nd 2013, at7pm, introducing his compositions to the American audiences.

Join duo piano players Valentina Sandu-Dediu and Dan Dediu for the American premiere of the piano four-hands Cycle Idyllen & Guerrillen, Fantasia fantomagica sul nome B.E.C.H. op.97 for piano four-hands, Lévantiques op.64 for piano, Les Barricades mistérieuses – reloaded for piano.

Meet the Romanian musicians for an additional event at the Romanian Cultural Institute inNew York, onAugust 3rd, 2013at7pm.: video-snapshots from the opera A Lost Letter (2009/13), a production of the Bucharest Romanian National Opera.

Dan Dediu was born on 16th March 1967 in Braila, Romania. He graduated composition at the Music University in Bucharest (1989) and attended post-graduate courses at HMdK in Vienna (1990/91). Scholar- and Fellowships were offered by Alfred-Toepfer Foundation, Hamburg, Alban-Berg Foundation, Vienna, New Europe College, Bucharest, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Zuger Kulturstiftung Landis & Gyr, Switzerland, Bavarian Ministry for Culture, Germany. Among his teachers one could name the composers Stefan Niculescu, Dan Constantinescu and Francis Burt. Guest Lecturer at Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland (1994), invited for the Summer Workshop in Computing for Composers, IRCAM, Paris (1994), Dediu was in 1999, 2001, 2007/8 artistic director of the New Music Festival in Bucharest “International Week of New Music”. Since 2003 leads Profil-Sinfonietta Bucharest, in the same year was appointed Professor for Composition and in 2008 was elected Rector of the National University of Music,Bucharest.

He received prizes and awards for composition in Vienna, London, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest, Dresden, Ludwigshafen. His over 150 works are world-wide performed and produced on CDs by Albany Records, Cavalli and NEOS.  “The music of Dan Dediu could be described as versatile, nervous, with a specific feature of dynamic restlessness. He works with forms, which consists every time in an alternation of good perceptible sonorities, pithy microuniverses.” (Lothar Knessl).

Valentina Sandu-Dediu graduated in musicology from the National Music University of Bucharest in 1990. She has been teaching at the same institution since 1993 (professor of musicology and stylistics). She wrote over 30 studies, 300 articles, and 7 books (see Rumänische Musik nach 1944, Pfau Verlag, Saarbrücken, 2006; Alegeri, atitudini, afecte. Despre stil și retorică în muzică, Ed. Didactică și Pedagogică, București 2010). She has authored series of programmes for  RadioRomania. She also plays the piano in chamber music (CDs released inRomaniawith Aurelian Octav Popa, inGermany/ Neos with Dan Dediu, and inBoston/Albanywith Ray Jackendoff).

Valentina Sandu-Dediu was a fellow of Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, she is a permanent fellow of New Europe College, Bucharest, and received the Peregrinus-Stiftung Prize of Berlin-Brandenburg Akademie der Wissenschaften in 2008.

The opera “A Lost Letter” by Romanian composer Dan Dediu had its premiere at the Bucharest Romanian National Opera. Based on a theater play by the famous Romanian writer Ion Luca Caragiale, the opera’s delightful mix of styles and sounds is explained by the author: “Steven Hansom – a tango by Piazzolla. Zachary Doddery – soiled by Balkan rhythms and tunes; Nick Yapper, a versatile slippery-slope from slow dancing and romance to habanera and French cancan. Jim McPlatter and his double Joe O’Feta are swinging between bossa nova and Turkish peshrev. ”A sloshed citizen” facing the splashes of a Moldavian fanfare. Agamemnon Blunderache is a political alien from space, drenched in a folk-wine reduction, with a funny odor of suburban pub song. The crowd is a shouting and partying army of blockheads. And, of course, Zoe – a human, loving and suffering soul under a bolero armor.”

Four-Hands Piano Cycle ”Idyllen & Guerrillen” is a tribute to famous female characters: Dulcinea (Cervantes), Beatrice (Dante), Margaret (Goethe), Ophelia (Shakespeare). Each romance is a musical portrait of femininity. The tribute is introduced, each time, by the word for, as in Für Elise by Beethoven. Each part of the cycle tends towards classicism and simplicity, proving that Dediu’s music is easily accessible to all of us.


Diana Simon

Composer Diana Iulia Simon graduated from the Art Highscool in Braşov(piano, 1999) and the National University of Music in Bucharest(composition, 2005), where she studied with Ştefan Niculescu and Dan Dediu. She has a master degree (2007) and a PhD in composition (summa cum laude, 2012) with the dissertation Christic Sacrifice and Catharsis in Passions of the XXth and XXIst centuries. Analytical approach on works by Paul Constantinescu, Krzysztof Penderecki, Arvo Part, Osvaldo Golijov and Diana Iulia Simon (adviser Dan Dediu). She has been granted scholarships at Hochschule für Musik und Theater-Hamburg (prof. Michael Hammel, 2001), Carl von Ossietzky Universität-Oldenburg (prof. Violeta Dinescu, 2003-2004), Karol Lipinsky Music Academy-Wrocław (Agata Zubel-Moc, 2005-2006). Diana Simon has written chamber as well as symphonic music works that have been performed in U.S., Germany, France and Romania. She has collaborated with prestigious Romanian ensembles such as Archaeus, Profil, Icon Arts or Clarino.

Diana Simon is currently teaching at the Dinu Lipatti National Arts College in Bucharest (piano and score reading) and at the Crina Mardare Music Experience school (piano, harmony and music theory).


CIMRO Scores Launch

The Official Opening of CIMRO during the International New Music Week festival in Bucharest. Check out some pics from the event (photographer: Stefan Firca)

You can view more pictures on our Facebook page.

CIMRO Scores Samples

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Miron Ghiu

Born on March 21st 1980 in Bucharest, Miron Ghiu won the second prize at the International Philosophy Competition, in 1998, with an essay about virtual spaces. He studied philosophy at the University of Bucharest and started to work as a new media and music journalist. In 2004 he published books on The Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne & Marilyn Manson and worked for about 3 years as a PR Manager for EMI Romania and BMG. For some years now Miron Ghiu is a freelance journalist for various media outlets and a sound designer and DJ. He’s mad about music, passionate about technology and tends to use all kinds of media in his works. He’s a transhumanist and he loves robots as much as humans, waiting for the technological singularity to come. Politically speaking, Miron Ghiu is an anarchist.

In 2006 he was sound designer for a multimedia CD-ROM based on Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “Little Prince”.  In 2008 he started to DJ for various events and clubs.  Since 2010 he’s a member of Nava Spatiala, an experimental ambient/drone/noise duo which debuted in 2012 @ . In 2011 Nava Spatiala performed at the Simultan festival. In 2010 he did the sound design for an art exhibition held at the Brukhental Contemporary Art Museum. In 2011 he held an open studio using all kinds of media, from gramophone recordings to hacked game consoles, for Platforma Space, subsidiary exhibition space of the National Contemporary Art Museum in Bucharest. In 2012 he was sound designer for “Reality Videograms”, a video installation by Cinty Ionescu at Aiurart Gallery in Bucharest. He was also sound designer for a mixed-media performance produced independently in Bucharest and performed in various spaces around the country – “Detox” by Roland Barthes.  He participated in the Young Artists Biennal with a video documenting visible communication cables in Bucharest -  “Cabluri/Cables”.  He did the sound design for “Urme de distrugere pe Marte”a performative installation in a theatrical context @ Teatrul Odeon.

LINKS: Soundcloud 1, Soundcloud 2, Soundcloud 3, Nava Spatiala

Irina Boga

Irina Boga is a graduate of two sections within the Universityof Music:  Musicology – FCMPM (2002) and Harpsichord – FIM (2004).  Between October 2002 and July 2003 she benefited from a mobility Grant destined to Socrate/ ERASMUS students at Hogeschool Antwerpen – at the Drama, Music and Dance department (Belgium). In 2010 – was awarded the PHD title after presenting a thesis named Aesthetic Principles in the English Baroque and their Interpretational Applications. She  is presently lecturer at the National University of Music in Bucharest and has just finished the research within the MIDAS programme initiated by the PHD Musical Institute. The thesis developed within this project is called HÄNDEL, a Citizen of the European Community – avant la lettre.

Irina Boga’s musicological activity is combined with the pedagogical one: musicology and history of music courses, musical aesthetics and musicology seminars and harpsichord. She collaborates with different cultural magazines from Bucharest:  Revista Muzica (Music Magazine), Actualitatea Muzicală (Musical Updates), Revista Opera (Opera Magazine), Revista Melos (Melos Magazine), Revista 21 (21 Magazine), Akademos, Magazin Istoric (Historic Magazine). She presently is editor in chief of the Accord Magazine published by the Bucharest National University of Music. She signed radio and TV productions for Radio Romania Music, amongst which: Histories on a scale or Musicians’ Childhood. Irina Boga regularly takes part at scientific sessions at the Bucharest National University of Music, but also at international seminars, and for the last two years has been organizing The Musicologic Symposium at the BNUM. She also has an impressive activity as a harpsichordist in individual recitals or in chamber music concerts, switching easily from the baroque repertoire to the contemporary one.

Studies: Akademos, magazine published by the BNUM : «Baroque, a fantomatic world of brilliance » – no. 4/2009, “The English Paradox, as a British Land-mark” no. 4/2009, “Haendel – French Arias”, no. 4/2009, “Interpretation Elements in the Baroque Suite”, no 4/2010, “Baroque Elements in George Enescu’s Compositions”, no. 4/2010.

Articles : George Enescu – Festival Journal, September 2007 : « Why play music ? », “Pleasant surprises in the Festival’s Square”, “Cultural defrost”, “For and Against”, “Between the Romanian Athenaeum and the Palace Hall” (I, II), “The Festival Square – final echoes”; Melos Magazine  « The Instrument of the Angels » – april 2008, « Haydn in English », “Maria Joao Pires or about finesse” - September 2009; Acord Journal: “Unobservantly becoming observant” – February 2009, “Years of a Student” – April 2009, “The Key Festival”, “Journey Diaries” – June 2009, “Akademos and the Musical Pedagogy” – December 2010, “Interview with Maestro Christian Badea” – February 2010, “Akademos Magazine no. 4”, “Reflections on a Keyboard” – March 2011, “Maestro Horia Andreescu – ideas about an Orchestra Internship” – June 2011; Historic Magazine: « Famous Love Relationships – Clara and Robert Schumann » – October 2010

The book – programme for the XXth Edition of the « George Enescu » International Festival, along with Alice Tacu.

Books: Irina Boga, Grigore Constantinescu – A journey through Music History:Didactic and Pedagogic Publishing House – 2008; Sherban Lupu - The Art of the Fiddlers, a source for the Modern Violin Technique  – the English edition, Casa Radio Publishing House 2010; Irina Boga – The English Baroque – Behaviour and Temper, The Musical Publishing House, 2011; Sherban Lupu – Irina Boga – Unknown Enescu – interview book, also translated in English, the Casa Radio Publishing House, 2011.

Symposiums, scientific sessions: 13th of April 2006 – participation at the « Mozart in our days » musicology symposium with a work named “Mozart… after Mozart” (published in a volume entitled “W. A. Mozart – contemporary perspectives”, Bucharest National University of Music); 28 – 29th of September 2007 – participation at the “Romanticism as an Attitude” International Symposium held at the Strasbourg Conservatoire with a work called “Romanian Musical Romanticism”; 18th of January 2007, participation at the 9th edition of the Ancient Music Artistic and Scientific Session within the BNUM – “English Baroque – Epoch, Personalities, creation” with a work called “The English Paradox”; 5th of December 2008 – organization of the « Grigore Constantinescu – Seven Musical Decades” Musicology Symposium and Contest at the BNUM; 5th of April 2011 – organization of the Musicology Symposium « Artists’ Anniversaries » and participation with a work called “Gustav and Alma or music and love”; 9th of September 2011, participation at the “George Enescu” International Musicology Symposium in Bucharest, with a work called “Oedip or Destiny’s Problems – between myth and illusion”; 15th of May 2012 – organization of a Musicology Symposium by the title of « Composers at anniversary moments » at the BNUM.

Three “C” in Music: Construction, Comunication, Communion

International Musicolgy Symposium organized by the National University of Music in Bucharest

Saturday, March 23rd, 12:oo, “Lipatti” Room – the National University of Music in Bucharest

Three “C” in Music: Construction, Comunication, Communion / Trei “C” in Muzica: Constructie, Comunicare, Comuniune



Irinel Anghel
It’s all about You: Communication or Communion? BE-in the audience of the crossing borders performances!

Ladislau Csendes
Semiotic existence of the contemporary Finnish Violin Concerto

Stefan Firca
Magic Theater, Musicircus & Soup

Cezara Petrescu
Lieder Recital between Theory and Practice: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Corina Raducanu
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the chamber universe of piano duo



Constantin Soare
Editing and performing Bach’s Lute Suites on guitar

Raluca Stratulat
Contemporary Music: The joy of playing the violin

Bogdan Voda
Admission to higher education music institutions, between strategies, constraints and required skills

Adriana Toacsen-Ponta
Engagement in the musical life of the concerto

Emil Visenescu
The Clarino experiment: The professional transformation of the performers on approaching contemporary music

Virgil Oprina
The way classical music will look on the small screen in the new millennium

Cluj Modern Musicology Symposium

Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj

The Association of the Composers and Musicologists, Cluj

Sigismund Toduţă Doctoral School


International Musicology Symposium

Pitfalls and Risks of Intra-Musical Communication: Terminology, Notation, Performance


Cluj, April 10, 2013

Gh. Dima Music Academy, room 11



Moderator: Prof. univ. dr. Adrian Pop

Coordinator: Bianca Ţiplea Temeş


10.00 Pavel Puşcaş (Gh. Dima Music Academy, Cluj, Romania)

Interrogations Regarding Intra-Musical Communication. A Semiotic Perspective

10:30 Dorothea Redepenning (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

„Pitfalls and Risks“ in Schoenberg‘s Serialism

11.00 Liviu Dănceanu (National University of Music, Bucharest, Romania)

Sign, Symbol, Confinement

11.30 Bianca Ţiplea Temeş (Gh. Dima Music Academy, Cluj, Romania)

Sounds, Lines, and Colours: Sinesthetic Codes in Ligeti’s Music

12.00 Dan Dediu (National University of Music, Bucharest, Romania)

Veils of Transcendence in the Musical Discourse

12.30 Violeta Dinescu (Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany),

         Nelida Nedelcuţ (Gh. Dima Music Academy, Cluj, Romania)

The Cluster Effect – Connotations of Performance and Musical Notation


Technical assistance: Dionisie Stoian-Irimie



Moderator: Conf. univ. dr. Bianca Ţiplea Temeş


15.00 Gabriel Banciu (Gh. Dima Music Academy, Cluj, Romania)

Rhetoric vs. Musical Forms and Analyses: Terminological Clarifications

15.30 Fabio de Sanctis de Benedictis (Musical Institute P. Mascagni, Leghorn, Italy)

“lied” by Berio and “Lumen” by Donatoni: from Analysis to Interpretation and Performance

16.00 Tatiana Oltean (Gh. Dima Music Academy, Cluj, Romania)

Considerations on the Concept of Musical Genre. Subjective Perception and Analytical Objectivity

16.30 Corneliu Dan Georgescu (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

The Musical Syntactic Categories and the Idea of „Primordial Substances“. The Archetype as a Linking Factor Between Different Levels of Artistic Communication

17.00 Alain Pâris (Paris, France) – keynote speaker

Henri Dutilleux, as I know him


Technical assistance: Ovidiu Barbu

Cluj Modern 2013

The Contemporary Music Festival “Cluj Modern” – the 10th edition – will take place between April 7-12 2013. This anniversary edition is organized, as usual, by the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy and its partners: the “Transilvania” Philharmonic, the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists, the Romanian Opera House in Cluj, the “Filarmonia” Cultural Society, the French Cultural Center, the “Sigismund Toduta” Foundation. The festival is supported by the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and City Council.

The festival was founded by composer Cornel Ţăranu almost 20 years ago, gradually becoming one of the most important new music events in Romania. In this edition, its guests are from Switzerland, France, Moldova Republic, Italy – as well as Romania.

PROGRAM (Romanian version, HERE):

SUNDAY, April 7, 7 p.m.

The Cluj-Napoca Romanian Opera House

EVADADA – Coupé show of contemporary ballet and Dada opera

I. Ionica Pop: La Deuxième Aventure (céleste) de Monsieur Antipyrine (2010) – W.P.

Dada opera on a libretto by  Ion Pachia Tatomirescu, after the play with the same title by  Tristan Tzara

Director:  Octavian Jighirgiu


Le Cerveau Désintéressé                 Cristian Ignuta / Corneliu Hutanu

Madame Antipyrine                                 Paula Rad / Florica Cosma

Monsieur Antipyrine                                 Simona Buhac / Anca Cîmpean

Madame Interruption                               Madalina Danciu / Alida Barbu

Mademoiselle Pause                           Paula Rad  / Florica Cosma

Monsieur A                                                  István Kozocsa / Marian Vâsc

Monsineur Aa Antiphilosophe            István Kozocsa / Marian Vâsc

Monsieur Absorbtion                               Ioan Stancu / József  Füstös

Monsieur Saturne                         Daniela Burcus / Ioana Sârzea

Oreille                                                          Maria Popa / Ramona Bolojan

Scenography & costume design: Liliana Moraru

Backstage director & lights: Dan Lupea

Music training: Francisc Fuchs

Ad Hoc Ensemble,  conductor: Matei Pop


II. Liviu Danceanu: Eva (2010) – ballet in 7 monologues – W.P.

Director, choreographer, costume design: Melinda Jakab


Eva 1                    Raluca Lupan

Eva 2                   Diana Buluga

Eva 3                    Viorica Bogoi

Eva 4                    Simina Oprean

Eva 5                    Gabriela Pop Rusu

Eva 6                    Delia Göllner

Eva 7                    Iuliana Barábas

Percussion 1    Samuel Lupean

Percussion 2    Alexandru Popovici

Backstage director & lights: Dan Lupea

Music training: Grigore Pop

The Percussion Ensemble of the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, conductor: Matei Pop


The show is realised in collaboration with the National Romanian Opera in Cluj, the “Filarmonia” Cultural Society, the Hungarian State Opera in Cluj-Napoca, the “Viva Vox” Student Opera Festival


MONDAY, April 8, 7 p.m.

The Concert Hall of the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy

TRIO CONTRASTE – 30 years of activity

Ion Bogdan Stefanescu – flute

Sorin Petrescu – piano, synthesizer

Doru Roman – percussions



Darie Nemes-Bota  -  Io (2012) – W.P.

George Balint   – … on a  poem by Eminescu (2001) – C.P. (Cluj Premiere)

Aurel Stroe   – Three Pastoral Pieces (1978) – C.P.

Horatiu Radulescu –  Dizzy Divinity for flute (1985)– C.P.

Corneliu Dan Georgescu   – Transsilvanische Motive (2001) – C.P.


Gabriel Malancioiu –  Triguna (2010) – C.P.

Lucian Metianu   – Attracteur étrange for solo percussion (1998) –C.P.

Dan Buciu   – Inquietudes  for flute and synthesizer (1996) – C.P.

Laura Manolache  - The Leaving on a text by Urmuz, for solo piano  (2009) – C.P.

Violeta Dinescu   – Tabu Suite  (1988)


Presenter: Adriana Bera

The concert is realised in collaboration with the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists


TUESDAY, April 9, 7 p.m.

The Concert Hall of the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy




Ede Terényi  - Two Gallant Dances  (1977)

Iulia Cibisescu-Duran  -  Altri preludi minimi per guitara sola (2006)

Dan Variu –  Interior with a gentleman playing a lute and a lady singing (2012) – C.P.

Liviu Glodeanu  -  Epitaph for Miron Costin, op. 31 (1976)

Valentin Timaru   – Ballad and Prayer on lyrics by Ana Blandiana (1975)

Sigismund Toduta  -  Celestial Touch on lyrics by  Lucian Blaga (1980)

Tiberiu Herdlicska   –  String Quartet (2008) – W.P.


Vasile Herman – Grafica musicale per uno o per due pianoforti (1969)

Razvan Metea  - Marriage for two pianos  (2010)

Gabriel Irányi  -  Vier Denkbilder mit Benjamin (2004) – C.P.

Cristian Bence Muk – A few musical horror scenes for two pianos (2011)

György Ligeti –  Bewegung (from Three Pieces for two pianos, 1976)

Adrian Pop –  Fünf Liebeslieder on lyrics by Rainer Maria Rilke, for voice and string quartet  (2006/2013) – W.P.



Mihaela Maxim – soprano

„ConSens XX” Piano Duo: Mihaela Gavris, Vera Negreanu

Horia Haplea – piano, gong

Constantin Andrei – guitar, lute

„Zefiro” Quartet: Ágnes Zsigmond, Renata János-Jakab, Lilla Fodor, Diana Cantesanu

„Flauto dolce” Ensemble: Zoltán Majó, Mária Szabó, Aranka Kovári

„Arcadia”Quartet: Ana Török, Rasvan Dumitru, Traian Boala, Zsolt Török


Presenter: Bianca Temes


WEDNESDAY, April 10, 10 a.m.

The “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy, Hall No.11

SYMPOSIUM: Traps and Risks of Intra-musical Communication: Terminology, Notation, Interpretation 

Speakers:  Gabriel Banciu (Cluj), Liviu Danceanu (Bucharest), Dan Dediu (Bucharest), Fabio de Sanctis (Livorno, Italy), Violeta Dinescu (Oldenburg, Germany), Corneliu Dan Georgescu (Heidelberg, Germany), Nelida Nedelcut (Cluj),Tatiana Oltean (Cluj), Pavel Puscas (Cluj), Dorothea Redepenning (Heidelberg, Germany), Bianca Tiplea Temes (Cluj)

Complete program, HERE.


7 p.m.

The Concert Hall of the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy


Alexandru Gavrilovici (Switzerland) – violin

Costin Soare – acoustic guitar



André Jolivet – Suite rhapsodique for violin (1965) – C.P.

Hans Werner Henze –  Drei Tentos (1958) – C.P.

Bernd Alois Zimmermann  - Sonata for violin (1951) – C.P.

Leo Brouwer –  Balada de la Doncella Enamorada (from the cycle El Decameron negro for guitar, 1981) – C.P..

Serban Marcu –  Variations on a Stray Song for violin and guitar  (2013) – W.P.


Benjamin Britten –  Nocturnal for guitar (1963) – C.P.

Cristian Misievici  - Frescos for violin  (1976)

Toru Takemitsu  -  All in Twilight – Four Pieces for guitar  (1988) – C.P.

Cristóbal Halffter – Sonata for violin (1959) – C.P.

David Smooke  -  Dance Music for violin and guitar (2000) – C.P.


Presenter: Adrian Pop


TUESDAY, April 11, 7 p.m.

The Concert Hall of the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy


Calin Ioachimescu – Digital Birds for tape (2010) – C.P.

Ciprian Pop – Landscapes for tape (2013) – W.P.

Miguel Azguime  - le Dicible Enfin Fini for tape (2003) – C.P.

Tudor Feraru  - Crepuscule for tape  (2013) – W.P.

Adrian Borza –  Drones II fo violin, nanoKontrol and iPH  (2012)– C.P.


Ladislau Csendes – violin

Technical assistence: Ovidiu Barbu


II. ARS NOVA Ensemble

Conductor: Cornel Taranu



Ulpiu Vlad  - For You for soprano and ensemble (2010) – C.P.

Viorel Munteanu – Hypostasis for clarinet and piano (1971) – C.P.

Octavian Nemescu – Cristiascensiocello for ensemble (2007) – C.P.

Costin Miereanu – Distance zéro for Bass Clarinet and percussion (2006) – C.P.

Cornel Taranu  - Triade for ensemble (2011) – W.P.


Presenters: Adrian Borza and Cornel Taranu


FRIDAY, April 12, 7 p.m.

Auditorium Maximum, The UBB Academic College


The “Transilvania” Philharmonic  Orchestra, conductor: Alain Pâris (France)

Soloist: Ilian Gârnet (Moldova Republic)



Cornel Taranu – Hetero(sym)phonia (2012) – C.P.

Serghei Prokofiev  - Concerto no. 1 for violin and orchestra in D major, op. 19 (1917)

Dan Dediu  - Frenesia 2 (2012) – C.P.

Doina Rotaru  - Clocks III (2010) – C.P.

Henri Dutilleux  - Métaboles (1964) – C.P.


Presenter: Marius Tabacu

Concert realised in collaboration with the “Transilvania” State Philharmonic and the French Institute in Cluj

Irina Niţu

Irina Niţu was born in 1982, Iaşi, Romania. She teaches piano classes and music theory at Mozartinno School in Bucharest. Before arriving here, she was collaborating editor at SRR, the National Broadcasting Radio in Bucharest (2005-2010) and a piano teacher at Dinu Lipatti National College of Music, Bucharest (2006-2010).

Her activity and interest in contemporary music is shown in several studies and analyzes published in Muzica Magazine, Actualitatea Muzicală,, No14PlusMinus, Contemporania. Her Batchelor degree in Musicology (2005), Master (2006) and Ph.D (2011) received from National University of Music, Bucharest are all based on contemporary musical aspects. In 2003 she obtained a Socrate-Erasmus scholarship at Universidade de Aveiro, Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, Aveiro, Portugal; she was awarded with First Prize at Musicological contest George Breazul, Bucharest, 2005 and collaborated with Parisian publishing house Nova Musica. She was a jury member in regional piano contests (Reşiţa, 2008), and she has an intense activity as a concert presenter (Bucharest, Timisoara, Resita, Busteni).