Cluj Modern Symposium 2017

Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in collaboration with Sigismund Toduţă Doctoral School and the Association of the Composers and Musicologists is pleased to announce the Symposium FOLK MUSIC AS A FERMENTING AGENT FOR COMPOSITION, PAST AND PRESENT, hosted by the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy on April 27, 2017 and coordinated by musicologist Bianca Ţiplea Temes.

The event is organized within the Cluj Modern Festival and features an exciting line-up of contributors, aiming to provide a forum for a dialogue among scholars from various musical standpoints.


Session 1:   In Bartók’s Wake 

William Kinderman (IllinoisUniversity) – keynote speaker

Béla Bartók’s Idea of “Idealized Folk Music”: A Community of Peoples “despite all war and strife”

Vikárius László (Budapest Bartók Archives, Institute for Musicology, Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music)

Bartók’s Credo: Editing Cantata Profana for the Béla Bartók Complete Critical Edition

István G. Németh (Institute for Musicology, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)

‘Verbunkos’, Béla Bartók, and Adrian Pop: A Hidden History of Folk Musical Influence

Dan Variu (Gh. Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca)

(Pan)Cultural Interference as a Compositional Tool

Pavel Puşcaş (Gh. Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca)

Archetype and/or Sonorous Substance

Bianca Ţiplea Temeş (Gh. Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca)

Modern Tapestry from Vintage Fabrics: “Colindă Baladă” by György Kurtág


Session 2:    Folk Music Worldwide

Feza Tansuğ  (Istanbul)

The Humanely Unison: Beethoven’s Turkish Source of Inspiration in His Chorus of Dervishes

Javier Suárez-Pajares (Universidad Complutense Madrid)

Folk Traditions and Sources in the Guitar Works of Julián Arcas (1832-1882) and His Contemporaries

Belén Pérez Castillo (Universidad Complutense Madrid)

From Conflict to Normalization: Two Approaches to the Basque Folk Heritage from the Spanish Concert Music

Nicolae Gheorghiţă (National University of Music Bucharest)

In the Service of Propaganda: Aesthetic Discourses and Musical Genres in the Music of the Romanian People’s Army

Ioan Haplea  (Gh.Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca)

Ratios and Proportions in Folklore and in Several Works of Cristian Misievici. The Issue of Privileged Locations in Anonymous and in Cultured Musical Speech

Adrian Pop (Gh.DimaMusicAcademyCluj-Napoca)

Did George Enescu Know Romanian Folklore?


SIMN 2017

The International New Music Week | Bucharest, May 21-28 2017  | Artistic Director: Dan Dediu

PROGRAM  (Romanian version HERE)

Sunday, 21st May

Romanian Athenaeum, 19.00 h

Young Performers and New Music (I)

Concerto Orchestra
Bogdan Vodă, conductor

Soloists: Sorin Petrescu (piano), Doru Roman (percussion), Judith Blaauw (oboe), Erik Sandberg (French horn), Barrie Webb (trombone), Marius Ungureanu (viola)

Violeta Dinescu: Lebenszeiten for Piano, Percussion and Orchestra (RFP)
Andrei Tănăsescu: Ciuleandra for Piano, Percussion and Orchestra (RFP)
Dan Dediu: Wagner Under – ConcertOpera for Oboe, French Horn, Trombone, Viola and Orchestra (RFP)

Monday, 22nd May

Auditorium Hall of UNMB, 17.00 h

Reincarnations & Reinventions

Tamara Smolyar (piano)

Paul Grabowsky: …Aus der Tiefe… (RFP)
Thomas Reiner: Variations on ‘Tuireamh Mhic Fhinin Dhuibh’ (FP)
Oddvar Lönner: Reinkarnationen II in 8 movements (FP)
Noel Fidge: Sonata no.2 (FP)
Kenji Fujimura: Reinventions – Suite for Piano (FP)

Composers’ Union Hall, 19.00 h

devotioModerna Ensemble

Carmen Cârneci, conductor

Carla Stoleru (Flute), Valentin Ghita (Oboe), Mihai Bădiță (Clarinet), Cristian Buciumaș (Bassoon), Natalia Pancec (Violin), Dan Cavassi (Cello), Mihai Murariu (Piano), Alexandru Stroe (Percussion)

Invitați: Endre Guran (Viola), Costin Soare (Guitar),

Veronica Anghelescu: Edelweiss op.11 for Clarinet
Tatjana Milošević: Chatatutu for Flute, Piano, Violin
Krzysztof Penderecki: Cadenza for Solo Viola
Carmen M. Cârneci: -embER (die Stille, ich) for Solo-Cello and Ensemble
Victor Alexandru Colțea: Blast for (Bass-)Clarinet and Drum-set
Mihai Murariu: Rorschach for Ensemble (FP)
Octavian Nemescu: BeseptimaIT pour 7 heures du soir – Étage 4 for Ensemble

Tuesday, 23rd May

Composers’ Union Hall, 17.00 h


ARCORD in Spirit“
Ana Topalovic (cello), Nikola Djoric (accordeon)

Armin Sanayei: Singing Rooster
Gabriele Proy: Thorium
Catalin Cretu: Prosopopeea urmei
Margareta Ferek-Petric: Killing Godot
Dimitris Mousouras: Violaccordeon
Volodymyr Runchak: Kyrie Eleison
Johanna Doderer: Wutmarsch

Matei Ioachimescu (flute), Miriam Adefris (harp)

Witold Lutoslawski: Three fragments 
Timothy Page: Curl for Flute, Harp and Live Electronics
Carmen Petra Basacopol: Fantasia for flute and harp
Calin Ioachimescu: A due for flute and harp
Toru Takemitsu: Toward the sea

George Enescu Hall of UNMB, 19.00 h

Claudia Codreanu (mezzosoprano)
Diana Vodă (piano)

Valentin Timaru: Noapte de mai (lyrics by Lucian Blaga)
Dan Voiculescu: Two Songs: Înapoierea cheii, Muzica (lyrics by Nichita Stanescu)
Diana Vodă: Eu am iubit (lyrics by T. Mazilu)
Dumitru Capoianu: Two Songs: Ploua, Vin tigancile (lyrics by George Topârceanu)
Dan Buciu: Two Songs: Arpagic, Mâța (lyrics by Ana Blandiana)
Nicolae Coman: Three Songs: L’ ombra del mar, Apunt, L’ amor tal volta (lyrics by Miguel Marti i Pol)
Menachem Zur: Gesang eines Hundes (text by Franz Kafka)

Wednesday, 24th May

Mediateque – Projection Hall of UNMB, 11.00 h

Conference of the composer Isabel Mundry (Zürich)

With the kind support of Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

George Enescu Hall of UNMB, 17.00 h

Preludiu Chamber Choir
Voicu Enăchescu, conductor

Works by Dan Buciu, Irina Odăgescu, Pascal Bentoiu, Viorel Munteanu, Christian Alexandru Petrescu, Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea, Lucian Beschiu

Mihail Jora Hall of Romanian Radio, 19.00 h

Orchestra de Cameră Radio
Tiberiu Oprea, conductor

Soloists: Alexandru Matei (tam-tam), Fernando Mihalache (acordeon), Cristian Miclea (clarinet)

Petru Stoianov: Hiperboreeana I for String Orchestra
Maia Ciobanu: Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra
Mihnea Brumariu: Überall ist Babylon for Two Mini-String Orchestras and Piano (FP)
George Balint: în-sine cu de-Sine – Poem for Gongs and Chamber orchestra (FP)
Aurel Stroe: Concert for Accordeon and Chamber Ensemble (RFP)

Thursday, 25th May

• Mediateque – Projection Hall of UNMB, 16.00 h

Musicology Colloquium ”Music in Dark Times”

Guest: Andrea Bohlman (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill/Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)

With the kind support of New Europe College

George Enescu Hall of UNMB, 17.00 h

Young Performers and New Music (II)

Game Percussion Ensemble
Alexandru Matei (coordinator)

Bogdan Vodă: Scales, Harmonies and Rhythms
Elena Apostol: - lyrique for Soprano and Percussion Ensemble
Mihaela Vosganian: Iranian Interferences for tombak, percussion ensemble and processed sounds

Romanian Atheneum, 19.00 h

George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra
Camil Marinescu, conductor

Soloist: Viniciu Moroianu (piano)

Dinu Lipatti: Concertino in Classical Style for Piano and Orchestra
Carmen Petra Basacopol: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Ottorino Respighi: Pini di Roma

Bucharest Metropolitan Museum, Filipescu-Cesianu House, 19.00 h

“Zoopera” by Irinel Anghel
Experimental ALTwork

Friday, 26th May

George Enescu Hall of UNMB, 17.00 h

Archaeus Ensemble
Liviu Dănceanu (coordination)

Rodica Dănceanu (piano), Ana Radu (oboe), Ion Nedelciu (clarinet), Șerban Novac (bassoon), Marius Lăcraru (violin), Anca Vartolomei (cello), Sorin Rotaru (percussion)

Sorin Vulcu: Micrologus per Archaeus
George Draga: Echo
Adrian Raţiu: From Darkness to the Light
Dan Voiculescu: Trileme
Liviu Dandara: Multiversum
Corneliu Dan Georgescu: Attractio in Desertum

Mihail Jora Hall of Romanian Radio, 19.00 h

National Radio Orchestra
Cristian Oroșanu, conductor

Soloists: Diana Moș (violin), Ion Bogdan Ștefănescu (flute)

Mihai Măniceanu: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (FP)
Adrian Iorgulescu: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (RFP)
Aurel Stroe: Mandala with a Polyphony by Antonio Lotti

Opera & Multimedia Hall of UNMB, 21.15 h

SonoMania Ensemble
Simona Strungaru, conductor

Diana Rotaru (coordination)

Valentin Ghita (oboe), Mihai Pintenaru (clarinet), Raluca Stratulat (violin), Tamara Dica (viola), Eugen-Bogdan Popa (cello), Mihai Murariu (piano).

Special Guest: Cristina Lilienfeld (dance)

“Maşinisme pentru 4 mecanici” – Improvisation for typewriters and laptops
Diana Rotaru, Irinel Anghel – typewriters
Rufi (Marian Cîtu), Alin Zăbrăuţeanu – live electronics

”Sound Fabric”

Henry Vega: Slow, slower for clarinet, cello, piano and electronics (RFP)
David Lang: light moving for violin and piano (RPF)
Federico Gardella: Im freien zu spielen for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (RPF)
Şerban Marcu: Arachne’s fabric for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola and cello (FP)
Marko Slaviček: Even tomb couldn’t silence that brat. for clarinet, violin, cello, piano and electronics (RPF) – dance: C. Lilienfeld
Makoto Shinohara: Obsession for oboe and piano
Dan Popescu: Neţesut (Unwoven) for ensemble (FP) – dance: C. Lilienfeld

Saturday, 27th May

Dinu Lipatti Hall of UNMB, 9.00 h

Aurel Stroe and Pascal Bentoiu
International Musicology Symposium
Coordinaton: Olguța Lupu

George Enescu Hall of UNMB, 11.00 h

Young Performers and New Music (III)
Solo Flute Pieces performed by students of Ion Bogdan Ștefănescu

Dan Buciu: Mozaic II (Vincențiu Mantu)
Toru Takemitsu: Air (Elena Greciuc)
Cornel Tăranu: Cadenze per Antiphona (Lorena Palade)
Wil Offermans: Harmonics (Dávid Borzási)
Vasile Herman: Akes Samenos (Cristina Grigore)
Toru Takemitsu: Voice (Emőke Burján)
Kazuo Fukushima: Mei (Isabella Matei)
Dan Dediu: Naufragi per flauto solo (Carla Stoleru)
Mihai Damian: Marsyas (Teodora Iliescu)
Liana Alexandra: Sonata (Amalia Aldea)
Dan Voiculescu: Sonata nr. 4 (Amalia Aldea)
Sorin Lerescu: Modalis IV for flute and flute ensemble (FP)
(Ion Bogdan Ștefănescu and ensemble ”Flaut Power”)

George Enescu Hall of UNMB, 17.00 h

Ensemble Tétraflûtes
Eliane Locher, Rozalia Agadjanian, Tanija Muller, Eliane Williner

”Requiem for a glacier”

Sofia Gubaidulina: 2 mouvements tirés du Quatuor pour Flûtes (RPF)
Henry Purcell: Cold Song, tiré du Roi Arthur (RPF)
Dai Fujikura: Glacier (RPF)
Joseph Lauber: Solitude – Sérénade – Méditation (RPF)
Andreas Zurbriggen: Gletscherrequiem (Ewiges Eis – schmelzendes Eis, Passacaglia für einen sterbenden Gletscher) (RPF)
Dorothea Hofmann: Glacial sonorities (RPF)
Doina Rotaru: Il Pianto del Ghiaccio (RPF)
Rentaro Taki: Clair de lune sur les ruines du château (RPF)

With the kind support of Pro Helvetia

Opera & Multimedia Hall of UNMB, 19.00 h

Ensemble Garage
Liz Hirst (flute), Nils Kohler (clarinet), Till Künkler (trombone), Yuka Ohta (percussion), Sabine Akiko Ahrendt (violin), Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg (viola), Dominik Kleinknecht (sound design)

Brigitta Muntendorf: Public Privacy #3.1 trumpet cover covered by trombone for solo trombone, video and tape (RFP)

Simon Steen-Andersen: Study for strings for violin, viola and Whammy Pedal
Josh Spear: Quartet for three performers and electronics (RFP)
Benjamin Grau: FFFFRRRSCH for flute, percussion and electronics (FP)
Oliver Schneller: Zoetrope for flute, clarinet and viola
Diana Rotaru: Glossolalia for violin and tape
Niclas Thobaben: Finish it! (new version) for flute, clarinet, trombone and electronics

Brigitta Muntendorf: Public Privacy #1 flute cover for flute, video and electronics

With the kind support of Goethe Institut,Bucharest

Sunday, 28th May

George Enescu Hall of UNMB, 11.00 h

Young Performers and New Music (IV)

Ensemble Violoncelissimo
Marin Cazacu (coordinator)
Works by Pierre Boulez, Mihai Mitrea-Celarianu, Anatol Vieru, Doina Rotaru, Sebastian Androne, Vladimir Scolnic

• Mediateque – Projection Hall of UNMB, 13.00 h

Conference of the composer Agustín Fernandez (Newcastle)

With the kind support of University of Newcastle (UK)

Composers’ Union Hall, 16.00 h

Profil String Quartet
Diana Moș (violin I), Petru Nemțeanu (violin II), Marian Movileanu (viola), Mircea Marian (cello)
Costin Soare (guitar)

Ulpiu Vlad: Prin sunetele florilor albastre (FP)
Adrian Pop: Mătasea și metalul
Cornel Țăranu: Rezonanțe
Nicolae Teodoreanu: NW (FP)
Agustín Fernandez: String Quartet No.2 (RFP)

Mihail Jora Hall of Romanian Radio, 19.00 h

Bucharest Symphony Orchestra

Radu Postăvaru, conductor
Soloist: Mihai Ungureanu (piano)

Mihai Moldovan: Vitralii
Liviu Dănceanu: Nord-Sud (FP)
Nicolae Brînduș: A European Parody
Pascal Bentoiu: Concerto No. 2 for piano and orchestra



Live the Experience! Be contemporary! | November 18-30, Craiova 2016

The 43rd edition of CRAIOVA MUZICALĂ  International Music Festival is, for the first time, dedicated to modern and contemporary music: from masterpieces of the XXth century – Igor Stravinski, Olivier Messiaen, György Ligeti or Ştefan Niculescu –, to the latest musical creations. For 2 weeks, between November 18-30, Craiova will gather many and various aspects of the contemporary music phaenomenon: avangarde, jazz, postmodernism, structuralism, performance, musical theater – all united by the joy of making and giving music, and open to all kinds of public and new experiences lovers.

The festival is organized by the “Oltenia” Philharmonic in Craiova, with the support of the Craiova City Hall and has invited, for this edition, composer Doina Rotaru as a honorary artistic director.


  • 3 Symphonic Concerts: the “Oltenia” Philharmonic Orchestra and the “Oltenia” Chamber Orchestra
  • 9 Chamber music concerts: Pearls Before Swine Experience (Sweden), Green Thing Ensemble (Austria), SIGMA Project – saxophone quartet (Spain), Trio Contraste, Profil, SonoMania, Atem Duo, Percutissimo (Romania), LOGOS String Quartet (USA)
  • 5 Recitals: Mario Caroli (flute, Italy/France), Barrie Webb (trombone,England), Ghenadie Rotari (accordion, Moldavian Republic), Mihai Măniceanu (piano,Romania), Veronica Anuşca and Mihai Murariu (lied recital,Romania)
  • 2 Jazz Concerts: Mircea Tiberian Band, Jazzappella (Romania)
  • 2 Performance-Concerts / Instrumental theater: Muttis Kinder (Germany), Irinel Anghel & guests (Romania)
  • 2 Silent film with live music projections: “Tabu” (1931) by F.W. Murnau, witn music by Vioieta Dinescu (Germany) – performing Trio Contraste; the animation “Odboy and Erordog” by Marcus Fjellström – performing Pearls Before Swine Experience (Sweden)
  • Musicology Symposium: Mechanics and Mechanisms in Music

Entrance: 10 RON / concert




Friday, 18.11.2016


Philharmonic Hall

7 p.m.- Festival Opening

„Oltenia” Philharmonic’s Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Tiberiu Soare

Soloists: Emil Vişenescu (clarinet), Adam Kosmieja (piano /Poland)


Ştefan NiculescuCantos for clarinet and orchestra

Jerzy KornowiczBig Transition for piano and orchestra

Dan DediuAtlantis for orchestra


Saturday, 19.11.2016


 “Filip Lazăr” Hall – „Oltenia” Philharmonic

12:00 – Musicology Symposium: Mechanics and Mechanisms in Music – Composers of 20th Century

Speakers: Bianca Temeș, Ştefan Firca, Vlad Văidean, Constantin Secară


Philharmonic Hall

5 p.m.- Chamber Music Concert

”Mai în glumă, mai în serios” / ”Jokingly, seriously”

Trio Contraste Ensemble (Timişoara)



Miklos MarosRush

Ernst-Lothar von KnorrNächtliche Suite

Corneliu Dan GeorgescuMotive transilvane / Transylvanian Tunes

Wil OffermansHarmonics

Jos ZwanenburgVoices

Maia CiobanuTrio nr. 273, op. 2 / Trio No. 273, Op. 2

Laura ManolachePlecarea (pe un text de Urmuz) / The Leaving (on a text by Urmuz)

Aurel StroeTrei piese pastorale / Three Pastoral Pieces

Lucian MețianuAttracteur étrange

Horst LohseThe Seven Deadly Sins

Christoph KellerMozart in Argentine

Christoph KellerBeethoven in Brazil


 “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre Hall

Extraordinary Concert: a cappella, music, show

20.00 - Muttis Kinder (Germany) – VOCAL TRIO



Sunday, 20.11.2016


Philharmonic Hall

5 p.m.-  Percussion Concert

Percutissimo Ensemble (Timişoara), music direction: DORU ROMAN




Darie Nemeș-BotaFight and Light

George CrumbAn Idyll for the Misbegotten

Violeta DinescuAlean / Yearning

Nebojsa Jovan JivkovićTrio per Uno (p. I)

Halyna OvcharenkoWhat the Shaman Saw

Doron KaufmannStreams of Life

Carmen CârneciSonge du Dragon Rouge

Minoru MikiMarimba Spiritual

Ion Bogdan ȘtefănescuPianissimo Summer Dream


8 p.m. - Silent-film Projection with Live Music

TABU (1931) - director: F. W. Murnau


Performing Artists:




Monday, 21.11.2016


Philharmonic Hall

6 p.m.- Chamber Music Concert

”SIGMA” Project (Spain) – Saxophone Quartet


Georg Friedrich Haas: Saxophonquartett

Josep PlanellsWork in Progress

Alberto PosadasKnossos

Luis de PabloRumia

Ramon LazkanoJalkin

Isabel UrrutiaContre vents et marées


8 p.m.-  Jazz Concert

JAZZAPPELLA - Vocal Sextet, music direction: Zoltán András


Tuesday, 22.11.2016


Philharmonic Hall

6 p.m.- Piano Recital



György LigetiMusica ricercata (nr. 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 )

Olivier MessiaenVingt regards sur l’enfant-Jésus (nr. 11 )

Remus GeorgescuInterludiu și Toccata (din Suita a II-a pentru pian) / Interlude and Toccata (from the Piano Suite No. 2)

Vlad MaistorovicitransScent

Henryk GóreckiPiano Sonata No. 1

Salvatore SciarrinoAnamorfosi


8 p.m.- Chamber Music Concert

ATEM Duo (Timişoara)



Arvo PärtFratres for violin and piano

Kaija SaariahoCalices for violin and piano

Toru TakemitsuRain Tree Sketch II – in memoriam Olivier Messiaen for piano

Sofia GubaidulinaDancer on a Tightrope for violin and piano

George CrumbFour Nocturnes (Night music II) for violin and piano

Arvo PärtSpiegel im Spiegel for violin and piano


Wednesday, 23.11.2016


Philharmonic’s Foyer

6.30 p.m. - CD Release: Contemporary Trombone Classics Barrie Webb


Philharmonic Hall

7 p.m.-  Extraordinary Recital

BARRIE WEBB - trombone (England)

Guest Artist: MIHAI MĂNICEANU (piano)


Giacinto ScelsiThree Pieces

Luciano BerioSequenza V

Jonathan HarveyRicercare una Melodia

Stuart GreenbaumIn Transit

Johannes BrahmsIntermezzo op. 119, nr. 1

Katsuji MaedoIntermezzo

Takashi FujiiDancing Bones

Ernst KrenekFive Pieces


Thursday, 24.11.2016


 “Filip Lazăr” Hall – „Oltenia” Philharmonic

5 p.m. -  Improvisation Workshop with IRINEL ANGHEL


Philharmonic Hall

7 p.m. – Extraordinary Recital

MARIO CAROLI - flute (Italy)

Guest Artist: MIHAI MĂNICEANU (piano)


Claude DebussySyrinx

Joji YuasaMai-Bataraki II (pentru flaut alto / for flute alto)

André JolivetChant de Linos (pentru flaut și pian / for flute and piano)

André JolivetPour une communion sereine de l’être avec le monde (Incantation nr. 4)

Ivan FedeleDonax

Federico GardellaCinque cori notturni sotto la costa (pentru flaut alto / for flute alto)

Toru TakemitsuAir

Kaija SaariahoLaconisme de l’aile


Friday, 25.11.2016


Philharmonic Hall

7 p.m.- Symphonic Concert

„Oltenia” Philharmonic’s Symphony Orchestra



MARIO CAROLI – flute (Italy)

BARRIE WEBB (trombone, England)


Liviu DănceanuSeven Days for trombone and orchestra

Doina RotaruL’Ange avec une seule aile for flute and orchestra

Igor StravinskyThe Firebird Suite for orchestra


Student’s House of Culture

9 p.m.-  The Island from the Day After (Fictional Performance-concert)


Irinel Anghel – voice, performance; Bogdan Frigioiu – electric guitar;  Marian Cîtu – electronics;  Barrie Webb – trombone;  Mihai Pintenaru – clarinet;  Luiza Mitu – performance; Irina Maria Niţu – performance;  Andrada Băleanu – performance;  Daniela Ionescu – performance;  Ioana Stama – performance


Saturday, 26.11.2016


Philharmonic Hall

7 p.m.- Chamber Music Concert

Povestind / Narrating – SonoMania Ensemble (Bucharest)


Artistic Director: DIANA ROTARU

Guest, Actor MIKLOS BÁCS


Gabriel MălăncioiuSanran for clarinet and violin

Mihai MăniceanuCantabile e Presto for violin and piano

Tiberiu Olah„Magic Bird” Sonata for clarinet solo

Toshio HosokawaAncient Dance for violin and piano

Igor StravinskyThe Soldier’s Tale for clarinet, violin and piano


Sunday, 27. 11.2016


Philharmonic Hall

5 p.m.- Chamber Music Concert

Peärls Before Swïne Experience Ensemble (Sweden)


Klas Torstensson: Pocket Violin Concerto

Annie Gosfield: Cranks and Cactus Needles

Mattias Petersson: 1st Application

Marcus Fjellström: Odboy and Erordog (cartoon animation with live music)

Hanna Hartman: Neighbors above are louder than neighbors below


8 p.m.-  Chamber Music Concert

„Oltenia” Philharmonic’s Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: IVAN ILIEV (Bulgaria)


JURE GRADIŠNIK (trumpet,Slovenia)


Aaron CoplandQuiet City for trumpet, English horn, and strings -  JURE GRADIŠNIK (trumpet, Slovenia), LOREDANA CIOCAN (English horn)

Leoš JanáčekSuite for string orchestra

André JolivetConcertino for trumpet, string orchestra and piano – JURE GRADIŠNIK (trumpet, Slovenia), ANDREEA STOICA (piano)

Benjamin BrittenSimple Symphony, Op. 4


Monday, 28.11.2016

Philharmonic Hall

5 p.m. – Lied Recital



Compositions by Mihail Jora (Riddle, Song for the Light)Constantin Brăiloiu (Autumn)Theodor Rogalski (The Willow)Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea(Autumn’s Gospels)Felicia Donceanu (The Steps)Mihai Murariu (Three)Leonard Bernstein (La bonne cuisine)Daniel Sabzghabaei (Four Glimpses of Desire)


Philharmonic Hall

7 p.m.- Chamber Music Concert

PROFIL Ensemble (Bucharest)

Artistic Director: DAN DEDIU



Valentin Gheorghiu: Adagio for violin, cello and piano

Ștefan Niculescu: Per tre for violin, viola and cello

Mihai Măniceanu: Crescendo for violin solo

Thomas Beimel: Aria for violin, cello and piano

Dan Dediu: Pirouettes pierrotiènnes for violin, viola, cello and piano

Miriam Marbé: Tromelbass for violin, viola and cello


Tuesday, 29.11.2016

Art Museum

5 p.m.-  Accordion Recital

GHENADIE ROTARI (Republic ofMoldova)

Guest Artist:

ANA TOPALOVIĆ (cello, Austria/Serbia)


Sofia GubaidulinaDe Profundis

Gerard GriseyPassacaille

Magnus LindbergJeux d’anches

Salvatore SciarrinoVagabonde blu

Sofia GubaidulinaIn Croce (acordeon și violoncel / accordion and cello)

Vladimir ZubitskySonata nr. 2 - Slavonic


Philharmonic Hall

7 p.m.-  Chamber Music Concert


GREEN THING Ensemble (Austria)

Matei Ioachimescu (flute), Natalija Isaković (violin), Ana Topalović (cello), Alfredo Ovalles (piano)


Călin IoachimescuTetrachords

Cristian LoleaMechanisms

George CrumbVox Balaenae

Diana RotaruVerde / Green

Jennifer HigdonPiano Trio

Julija BalChochek


Wednesday, 30.11.2016


Philharmonic Hall

6 p.m. - Chamber Music Concert

LOGOS String Quartet (USA)

Espen Lilleslåtten, Roxana Pavel (violin), Elias Goldstein (viola), Dennis Parker (cello)


Dmitri ShostakovichString Quartet No. 3 in Fa Major, Op. 73

Paul Creston: String Quartet

Daniel Schnyde: Great Places - String Quartet No. 4

Claude DebussyString Quartet in G minor, Op. 10


Philharmonic Hall

8 p.m.- Jazz Concert

“Both Sides of the River”


Meridian Festival – November 2016 – 12th edition

International MERIDIAN Festival – organized by the Romanian Section of ISCM – 12th edition

November 14-20 2016 – Bucharest



MONDAY 14.11

Cantacuzino Palace Hall

5 p.m.


Bianca Luigia Manoleanu – voice and Remus Manoleanu – piano 

Works by: Alexander Muno (Germany); Horst Lohse (Germany); Wolfgang Rihm (Germany); Christopher Scinto (USA); Jack Fortner (USA); Daniela Cojocaru; Cornel Țăranu;  Liana Alexandra;  Irina Odăgescu Țuțuianu;  Dan Bălan; Andrei Tănăsescu


National University of Music in Bucharest

“George Enescu” Hall

7 p.m.

devotioModerna Ensemble 

Conductor: Carmen Cârneci

Ștefan Diaconu – flute, Valentin Ghita – oboe, Cristian Mancaș – clarinet, Cristian Buciumaș – bassoon, Raluca Stratulat – violin, Dan Cavassi – cello, Mihai Murariu – piano, Alexandru Stroe – percussion

Works by: Alexadru Hrisanide (Holland);  Dimitris Maronidis (Grece); Cristian Marina (Sweden); Mihai Murariu;  Iannis Xenakis (France); Corneliu Dan Georgescu (Germany)


TUESDAY, 15.11

Cantacuzino Palace Hall

5 p.m.

TRAIECT New Music Group

Conductor: Sorin Lerescu

Geanina Săveanu Meragiu – violin, Viorica Nagy – cello, Georgeta Radu – percussion, Alexandru Hanganu – flute, Andrei Podlacha – piano, Răzvan Gachi – clarinet, Florian Radu – trombone

Works by: Diana Gheorghiu; Karlheinz Stockhausen (Germany);  Lucian Zbarcea; Don Banks (Australia); Dan Voiculescu; Doron Kaufman (Israel)


Cantacuzino Palace Hall

7 p.m.



Ella Bokor – cello, Mircea Marian – cello

Guests:, Valentin Dimitrie Simion – cello, Iulian Ochescu – piano, Sergiu Cârstea – trumpet

Works by: Paul Rogojină; Laura Ana Mânzat; Eric Ewazen (USA);  Aurelian Băcan; Mariela Rodriguez (Cuba)



National University of Music in Bucharest

“George Enescu” Hall

5 p.m.

GAME Percussion Ensemble

Conductor: Alexandru Matei

Irina Rădulescu – percussion, Iulia Bitta – percussion, Sorin Rotaru – percussion

Works by: Joseph Schwanter (USA); Liviu Dănceanu; Joji Yuasa (Japan); Arvo Pärt (Estonia)

Cantacuzino Palace Hall

7 p.m.

PROFIL String Quartet


Artistic Director: Dan Dediu

Diana Moş – 1st violin, Petru Nemţeanu – 2nd violin; Marian Movileanu – viola, Mircea Marian – cello

Guest: Costin Soare – guitar

Works by: Jana Andreevska (Macedonia); Adrian Iorgulescu;  Horia Șurianu (France);  Alfred Schnittke (Russia)


National University of Music in Bucharest

Opera and Multimedia Studio

8.30 p.m.


Liliana Iorgulescu – choreography

Dancers: Liliana Iorgulescu, Andreea Duță

Works by: Maia Ciobanu; Călin Ioachimescu; Dimitri Voudouris (Grece); Cătălin Crețu; Sever Tipei (USA)



Cantacuzino Palace Hall

4.30 p.m

Book Launch

Grigore Constantinescu – Four Centuries of Lied, Editura Muzicală

Guest: Lavinia Coman


Cantacuzino Palace Hall

5 p.m.


Claudia Codreanu – mezzosoprano and Diana Vodă – piano

Guest: Ladislau Csendes – violin

Works by: Zeno Vancea; Diana Vodă;  Dan Buciu; Livia Teodorescu Ciocănea; Nicolae Coman; George Balint


6 p.m


Matei Ioachimescu – flute, Alfredo Ovalles – piano (Vienna)

Works by: Carmen Cârneci; Doina Rotaru; Jorge Sánchez – Chiong (Venezuela); Roman Vlad; Diana Rotaru; Mario Forte (Algeria – France)


National University of Music in Bucharest

“George Enescu” Hall

7.30 p.m.


Conductor – Liviu Dănceanu

Anca Vartolomei – cello, Rodica Dănceanu – piano, Dorin Gliga – oboe,  Ion Nedelciu – clarinet, Şerban Novac – bassoon, Alexandru Matei – percussion, Marius Lăcraru – violin

Works by: Ștefan Niculescu; Tiberiu Olah; Anatol Vieru; Dan Constantinescu; Myriam Marbé; Vladimir Scolnic (Israel); Aurel Stroe


FRIDAY, 18.11

Concert Studio of the Military Music Service

”General Dumitru Eremia”

1 p.m

Representative Music of the Ministry of National Defence

Conductor: Colonel Aurel Gheorghiță (Inspector of Military Musics)

Valentina Voinea – soloist

Works by: George Duke (arr. Emanuel Năstăsie); Kess Vlak; Andrew Loyd Webber; Johann Sebastian Bach (arr. Ray Farr și Kevin Lamb);  Bart Howard; Van Mc Coy (arr. Naohiro Iwai); Pablo Beltran Ruiz; Sergio Mendez; Chuck Mangione; Charles Walter

Concert realized in partnership with the Ministry of National Defence


National University of Music in Bucharest

Opera and Multimedia Studio

4.30 p.m.


CD Launch – ”DIALOGUE” – Trio Contraste

Music by Myriam Marbé, Violeta Dinescu, Roberto Reale


5 p.m.


Ioan Bogdan Ştefănescu – flute, Sorin Petrescu – piano, Doru Roman – percussion

Works by: Nicolae Teodoreanu; Roberto Reale (Germany);  Octavian Nemescu; Jean – Christophe Rosaz (Switzerland – France); Alicia Terzian (Argentina); Violeta Dinescu (Germany); Jean – Pascal Chaigne (France)


Cantacuzino Palace Hall

7 p.m.



Bianca Luigia Manoleanu – soprano, Remus Manoleanu – piano, Andrei Tănăsescu – piano, Roman Manoleanu – piano



In memoriam THEODOR GRIGORIU (1926 – 2014) – 90 years since birth

CD Launch

Antology of Romanian Music

International New Music Week 2016 – CD


Event in partnership with the Theodor Georgescu Foundation and the National “George Enescu” Museum (co-organizer)



National University of Music in Bucharest

“George Enescu” Hall

11 a.m.


BARRIE WEBB (England) – trombone

Guests: Mihai Măniceanu – piano, Cristina Ordean – oboe, Mihaela Vosganian – voice

Works by: Laurențiu Beldean; Mihaela Vosganian; Johannes Brahms; Katsuji Maeda (Japan); Ernst Krenek (Austria)



Works by: Adrian Enescu; Thomas Beimel (Germany); Martin Q Larsson (Suedia); Jerzy Kornowicz (Poland)


Cantacuzino Palace Hall

5 p.m.


ANA GACEVA (Macedonia)

Works by: Sorin Lerescu; Irina Hasnaș; Mihalo Trandafilovski (Macedonia); Goce Kolarovski (Macedonia); Harisson Birtwistle (England); Aleksandar Pejovski (Macedonia); Kokan Dimusevski (Macedonia)


National University of Music in Bucharest

“George Enescu” Hall

7 p.m.

AdHOC Ensemble of the “Gheorghe Dima”Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca

Conductor: Matei Pop

Presenter: Adrian Pop

Raluca Ilovan – flute, Bence Háaz – oboe, Aurelian Băcan – clarinet, Rareș Sângeorzan – bassoon, Ioan Marina – Uifălean – horn, Eva Butean – piano

Works by: Ciprian Pop; György Ligeti (Hungary);  Șerban Marcu; Dan Dediu; Hans Peter Türk; Adrian Pop

Concert realised in partnership with the National “George Enescu” Museum (co-organizer) and the National University of Music in Bucharest

SUNDAY, 20.11

Cantacuzino Palace Hall

11 a.m.



Emil Vişenescu – clarinet, Diana Spânu Dănilă – piano, Oana Spânu Vişenescu – violin and viola

Works by: Daniel Cohen (Israel); Viorel Munteanu; Petru Stoianov; Felicia Donceanu; Carmen Petra Basacopol

Fifteen minutes of Fame – for trio

Daniel Arnold (USA);  Jose Jesus de Azevedo Souza (Portugal); Scorpio Douglas Madison (USA); Erik Branch (USA); Jean – Charles Gooden (USA);  Juan Maria Solare (Argentina); Max Stannard (Marea Britanie); Martin Neill (Northen Ireland); Scott Brickman (USA); David Bohn (USA); Inna Buganina (Rusia); Chace Wiliams (USA); Laszlo Kekszakallu (Ungaria); Yan Pang (USA); Cindi Hsu (Taiwan)



Diana Moș – violin and Mihai Ungureanu – piano

Works by: Nicolae Brânduș (Glosa – p.a.a.)




Guest: Sergiu Cârstea – trumpet

Works by: Vlad Burlea (Moldavian Republic); Ghenadie Ciobanu (Moldavian Republic); Dusan Bavdek (Slovenia);  Elena Apostol; Fred Popovici; Klaus Ager (Austria)


Cantacuzino Palace Hall

5 p.m.

GAUDEAMUS QUARTET – Braşov Philharmonic

Lucia Neagoe – 1st violin, Raluca Irimia – 2nd violin, Leona Varvarichi – viola, Ștefan Neagoe – cello

Works by: Vladimir Beleaev (Moldavian Republic);  Menachem Zur (Israel); Ulpiu Vlad

Concert realized in partnership with the National “George Enescu” Museum (co-organizer)


National University of Music in Bucharest

“George Enescu” Hall

7.30 p.m.


SonoMania Ensemble feat. Irinel Anghel

Artistic Director and conductor: Diana Rotaru

Raluca Stratulat – violin, Ștefan Diaconu – flute, Valentin Ghita – oboe, Mihai Pintenaru – clarinet, Tamara Dica – viola, Eugen – Bogdan Popa – cello, Mihai Murariu – piano

Special guests: Irinel Anghel – almost voice, performance, Marian Cîtu (Rufi) – live electronics


Prelude: Irinel Anghel – Flomizile Realității Imperceptibile din Muzeul Somnului / Butterpillars of the Imperceptible Reality in the Sleep Museum – an almost music for ensemble

Works by: Benjamin Britten (England);  Mihai Măniceanu;  Kaija Saariaho (Finland); Sebastian Androne; Alexandru Sima; Gabriel Mălăncioiu; Megumi Okuda

Postlude: Rodent Choir


Organizers: Ministry of Culture, the Union of Composers and Musicologists in Romania, The National Romanian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music

Co-organizers: National University of Music in Bucharest, National „George Enescu” Museum, Ministry of National Defence 

Parteners: The Romanian Association of Women in Art (ARFA)

Media Partners: Radio România Muzical, Radio România Cultural, Televiziunea Română, Actualitatea Muzicală, Muzica, Institutul de Memorie Culturală (, CONTEMPORARY MUSIC – Romanian Newsletter, Radio Clasic Online

Founding Director: Adrian Iorgulescu, President of the Union of Composers and Musicologists in Romania

Artistic Director: Ulpiu Vlad, President of the National Romanian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, Vicepresident ot the Union of Composers and Musicologists in Romania

Executive Committee of Romanian ISCM Section: Adrian Pop, Diana Vodă, Laura Ana Mânzat, Elena Apostol

Executive Director: Ana Achim

Coordinator: Irina Hasnaș

Work Group: Maria Epuraş, Cristina Stancu, Elena Apostol, Eugenia Câlţia, Ileana Dumitrache

InnerSound #4 TOUCH

An evening dedicated to music and silent film, chamber concerts, multimedia installations, creative workshops and exceptional guests, all reaching Bucharest at


between September 28th and October 1st

Between September 28th and October 1st the Bucharest audience is invited to discover the art of the future. Over 60 artists from 8 countries will be present on the stages set up in Elvira Popescu Cinema, The Ark, ARCUB Gabroveni, the National University of Music Bucharest and te George Enescu National Museum for 4 evenings of new and unusual performances.


United by the concept of this festival, TOUCH, the events of the 4th edition of the INNERSOUND NEW ARTS FESTIVAL offer the culture aficionados the opportunity to rediscover the power of art to generate innovation in any domain and to bring them one step closer to the future. The theme of the festival challenges the audience to reflect upon touch: as a frontier between technology and senses, as a meeting point for artist and spectator, as a first real step from feeling to matter, in a seductive mix of action and reverie.

The first day of the festival, taking place on September 28th, at The Ark, at 19:30, brings on stage the members of the Ad Libitum String Quartet : Alexandru Tomescu – Ist violin, Şerban Mereuţă- IInd violin, Bogdan Bişoc – viola and Filip Papa- cello. The Quarter is a rare presence at the Bucharest music venues, and this occasion will be all the more special, with all 4 musicians interpreting the winning composition from the InnerSound competition, the piece written by young musician Sebastian Androne, entitled Glances of Memories. The concert takes place in Ground Floor, surrounded by the TOUCH photo-video exhibition.

As of 21:00, you are invited in the Lower Floor/Underground, to the vernissage of the multimedia sound installation, with the participation of artists Svetlana Maras (Serbia), Matei Bejenaru, Livia Mateias, Marius Jurca, Minim (Diana Dulgheru), Syntax (Laurian Bardos), Gabriel Kelemenn and Ioana Vreme. The curator of the exhibition is Ciprian Ciuclea. 

The second day of the festival, happening on September 29th, taking place at the Elvira Popescu Cinema venue, as of 18:30, is dedicated to the Silent Film Night, an event unique in Romania: 10 short contemporary silent, narrative, experimental and animation films, entered into competition for the InnerSound trophy, which shall be accompanied by a soundtrack composed in August by 10 young composers, in the interpretation of the SonoMania Ensemble, conducted by Alexandru Mija. InnerSound is the only festival inRomania which dedicates an entire evening to the contemporary silent film, accompanied by live chamber music.

The special guest of the event is David OReilly, an Irish artist living in Los Angeles, known for his internationally awarded animations, video games and digital art. David OReilly is also the artist signing the special effects for the film ‘Her’, directed by Spike Jonze, starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Outside of the competition, InnerSound will introduce to you a David OReilly animation called Black Lake, accompanied by an original score written by composer Sabina Ulubeanu.

The third day of the festival, entitled TOUCH THE KEYS, starting at 19:00 at ARCUB, invites you to three piano recitals with resonances which have known a fascinating evolution, from the XXth century music and a prepared piano, to the improvisations accompanied by live electronics. Mihai Măniceanu, Gabi Sultana (Malta) and Cătălin Creţu will prove to us the versatility of the keyboard instrument in the XXIst century.

The festival shall close its doors on Saturday, October 1st with an electro-contemporary night at the Ark. As of 19.30, accordion player Ghenadie Rotari, the Dutch ensemble Project 128 and  DJ Lukatoyboy  will combine contemporary classical music with electronic beats, techno-acoustic and experimental DJ.

During the same evening, the jury, composed by Andrei Ujică, Claudiu Mitcu , Cătălin Cristuțiu – film and Cosmin Bumbuț, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Șerban Mestcăneanu – photo-video, will reveal the winner of the InnerSound trophy for silent short film and of the Teodora Maftei award for the best photo-video project.

In parallel with the musical events, the Festival will run workshops for children and young people, held by artists present in the festival, as well as presentations of certain contemporary art projects.

The price of tickets for the first day of festival is 35 lei, for the second is 25 lei and for the last two days is 30 lei each. A season ticket, for all four festival days are available at the price of 75 lei.

Tickets are available on, at the offices of the Romanian Post marked, at the pay-desk of the National Children’s Palace Bucharest and pay-desk of the Metro Station Unirii 1,Bucharest.

About INNERSOUND NEW ARTS FESTIVAL: organised by the Art&Co Association and OPUS Association, INNERSOUND NEW ARTS FESTIVAL is the only independent event in Romania focused on a new perspective on the contemporary cult music, in relation with visual arts, film and multimedia. The festival functions as a powerful platform to promote young composer, instrumentalists, photographers, visual/multimedia artists and film directors. Running since 2012, INNERSOUND is founded by three composers who have included visual arts and performance into their work: Sabina Ulubeanu, artistic director, who is also a photographer, Diana Rotaru, who is dedicated to artistic syncretism and Cătălin Crețu, artistic consultant, who is a multimedia artist.

InnerSound New Arts Festival in an event financed by the AFCN – Administration of the National Cultural Fund and endorsed by Raiffeisen Bank.

Parteners: Romanian Cultural Institute, George Enescu National Museum, Goethe Institute, Aspen Institute, AQUA Carpatica, Domeniile Sâmbureşti, The Ark, ARCUB, Cinema Elvira Popescu, French Institute in Bucharest, UNMB,  Gallery White Night, CIMRO, artouching, Noumax, Wearebasca, EPSON, Undersound, Kodex, Alldeco, Rue du Pain, VRTW.

Media Parteners: RFI, LiterNet, Radio România Cultural, DoR, VICE, Institute, The Magazine, Business Review, Accente,

Further details on InnerSound New Arts Festival, as well as the complete schedule of events for the fourth edition can be found on the official website and on Facebook, at:

This project does not necessarily present the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not liable for the content of the project or for the means in which the project results can be used. These fall entirely under the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.


Details for the press :

Nicoleta Gavrilă  (; 0730440449)

Mira Sfura (; 0724016783)

Ligeti Festival in Cluj

An exciting pilot festival project will take place in Cluj and Tarnaveni, between May 26-28 2016: “A Tribute to György Ligeti in his Native Transylvania”. The Artistic Director, musicologist Bianca Tiplea-Temes, pays a welcome tribute to one of the greatest composers of the XXth century, who will also receive post mortem the title of Honorary Citizen of Târnăveni (Ligeti’s native city) on his birthday, May 28th. A commemorative plaque on the house where Ligeti was born will be unveiled in the presence of the local authorities of the Târnăveni City Hall.

Apart from the festival’s events, International Conference “Ligeti’s Legacy in Retrospect”, the Masterclass held by Manfred Stahnke, ”Microtonality in Modern Composition” and the chamber concert “Ligeti Mosaic” (Arcadia Quartet / RO and Artur Kaganovskiy / USA, program below), the Cluj ”Transylvania” Philharmonic will perform – for the first time in Cluj! – the famous “Romanian Concerto”, conducted by Horia Andreescu (27.05).


Ligeti International Conference in Cluj

On May 26-27, between 10 a.m.- 2.30 p.m., the “I. Lapedatu” conference hall at the National Romanian Bank in Cluj-Napoca (7, Pta Unirii) will host a very special event organized by one of the most appreciated musicologists in Romania, Bianca Ţiplea Temeş: the International Conference “Ligeti’s Legacy in Retrospect”, organized within the festival “A Tribute to György Ligeti in His Native Transylvania”.

Speakers will gather in Cluj from all over Europe to talk about one of the most iconic composers of our time: Wolfgang Marx (Dublin), Michael Searby (London), Manfred Stahnke (Hamburg), Heidy Zimmermann (Basel), Louise Duchesneau (Hamburg), Márton Kerékfy (Budapest), Julia Heimerdinger (Vienna), Cornel Ţăranu, Adrian Pop, Bianca Ţiplea Temeş, Pavel Puşcaş, Tatiana Oltean, Amalia Szűcs Blănaru (Cluj).


The Association “Transylvania Art and Science”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
in collaboration with “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy
International Conference
event organised within the Festival
A Tribute to György Ligeti in his Native Transylvania
- Cluj-Napoca, May 26-27   2016 -
Thursday, May 26
Chair: Mike Searby
Wolfgang Marx (University College Dublin) - keynote lecture
“…the serious is always comic, and the comic frightening.” The Role of the Grotesque
in György Ligeti’s Music
Manfred Stahnke (Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg)
Aspects of Microtonality in Modern Composition
Adrian Pop („Gh. Dima” Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)
Following the White Rabbit
Cornel Ţăranu („Gh. Dima” Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)
Encounters with Ligeti
Heidy Zimmermann („Paul Sacher” Foundation, Basel)
New Findings from Ligeti’s Years in Cluj
Pavel Puşcaş („Gh. Dima” Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)
À la source, à l’origine… György Ligeti: Sonata pour alto solo
Bianca Ţiplea Temeş („Gh. Dima” Music Academy Cluj-Napoca; Transylvania Philharmonic)
Ligeti Looks East: Revisiting and Recycling Romanian Folk Music
Friday, May 27
Chair: Wolfgang Marx
Julia Heimerdinger (Institut für Analyse, Theorie und Geschichte der Musik.
                                 Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien)
The Role of György Ligeti’s ‘Atmosphères’ (1961) in his Oeuvre and in the Musical Canon
Amalia Szűcs-Blănaru („Gh. Dima” Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)
György Ligeti – de l’intuition mathématique à l’illusion sonore
Tatiana Oltean („Gh. Dima” Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)
The Singing Voice in Ligeti’s “Requiem”: Examples of Tone Colour and Expression
Mike Searby - Kingston University London
The Significance of Timbre as a Structural Component in Selected Works by Ligeti
Márton Kerékfy (Bartók Archives, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
Ligeti and Kurtág: Parallel Lives
Louise Duchesneau (Hamburg)
“…music is a bit like love…”György Ligeti and the Film Musik im Technischen Zeitalter   
Projection of the film
“György Ligeti”
From the series: “Musik im technologischen Zeitalter”,
Produced by SFB (Sender Freies Berlin), 1962-63



International Week of New Music – Bucharest 2016

International Week of New Music –Bucharest, May 23-29, 2016

Artistic director: Dan Dediu


Central Concept of the Festival: Limits…and Beyond!

The Four Thematic Eutopias:

1. Ulysses – Beyond Tradition

Ullyses is the traveller, the wanderer, the eternal migrant. He has to find always new ideas, to experiment and to bet on originality. ULYSSES-Eutopia is open to adventure.

2. Gulliver – Beyond Culture

Gulliver is the history’s eye and critic. He defies this reality and opens the world of the possible. GULLIVER-Eutopia is open to virtual worlds and stories.

3. Nirvana – Beyond Self

NIRVANA is the Eutopia of fusion the Self with the Universe. Dis-bordering the Self through sacrality and ritual opens the realm of communion and mistery.

4. Matrix – Beyond Nature

Matrix is the apostle of a posthuman world. He is modulating the human being and gives it hi-tech strength. Bio-technological synergy spans from free improvisation to perfect algorhythm. MATRIX-Eutopia is open to Apocalypse.

Sunday, 22nd May    


Nirvana – Beyond Self


UNMB, ”George Enescu” Hall, 19.00h

MaXeMa Trio

Matthias Ziegler (flutes)

 Xenia Schindler (harp)

Marius Ungureanu (viola)

Toru Takemitsu: And Then I Knew ‘Twas Wind

Alfred Zimmerlin: Nachtstundenstücke

Dan Dediu: Trio op.87 (p.a.r.)

1. Theme complexe

2. Marbre  – étude d’accords et gammes nr. 1

3.“Sind das Vögel? Ihre Stimmen sind überall.” - Prélude in memoriam André Scrima

4. Canon 1: aenigmaticus a 3, cancrizans (ascendit per tertia minore)

5. “The serpent grew, casting its scales” – étude d’accords et gammes nr. 2

6. Canon 2: rhythmique, cancrizans, per augmentationem, sul Perpetuum Mobile per Viola

7. Lettre d’amour avec des larmes passiflores

8. Theme Simple

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia

Monday, 23rd May                   


Gulliver – Beyond Culture



UCMR Hall, 17.00h

Bianca Manoleanu (soprano)

Remus Manoleanu (piano)

Pascal Bentoiu: Incandescences (verses by Alexandru Miran) (1977)

1. “Cunoasterea…/ “The Knowledge”

2. “Piatra peste piatra…” / “Stone over stone…”

3. “M-am desprins…” / “I’ve broken free…”

4. De ce?…” / “Why?…”

Cornel Țãranu: Siciliana-Blues (2016) – W.P.

Ede Terenyi: fragments from the Carmina Bianca cycle (Latin text) (1991):

1. Nobis Sancti Spiritus

2. O, Pacis Angeli

3. Amare, Amare Non Est Grave

4. O, Jesule! Dulcedo Cordium

Theodor Grigoriu: Poets and the Abyss of Time (1993)

1. “La steaua” (lyrics by Mihai Eminescu)

2. “Drum spre abis” / “Road towards the Abyss” (l. by Lucian Blaga)

3. “Clipa genezei” / “The Time of Genesis (l. by Ion Barbu)

4. “Inserata dimineata” / “Dusk Morning” (l. by Tudor Arghezi)

5. “Zbor deasupra valurilor” / “Flight over the Waves” (l. by M. Eminescu)

6. “La steaua” (l. by M. Eminescu)


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


UNMB, ”George Enescu” Hall, 19.00h

Concerto Orchestra of UNMB

Bogdan Vodã (conductor), Mikko Raasakka (bass clarinet)

Vlad Baciu: Carmin (f.p.)

Adina Dumitrescu: As they met me – Concerto for bass clarinet and orchestra (f.p.)

Tiberiu Olah: Symphony No.1

In collaboration with The National University of Music in Bucharest


Matrix – Beyond Nature


UNMB, ”Auditorium” Hall, 21.00h 

Matthias Ziegler (flutes)

Toshio Hosokawa: Vertical Song for flute solo

Heinz Holliger: Lied for flute solo

Matthias Ziegler: Ave Kingma for Alto Flute; Stop’n'Go for Bass Flute; Contrabasics for Contrabass Flute; Recercada Primera; La Rusna; Maschad

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia


Tuesday, 24th May


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


UNMB, ”George Enescu” Hall, 17.00h

Marius Ungureanu (viola)

feat. Verona Maier (piano) and Alexandru Matei (percussion)

Wolf von Aichelburg: Sonata for viola and piano

Alfred Zimmerlin: at the still point, there the dance is for viola solo

Edison Denisov: Es ist genug. Variationen über das Choralthema von J. S. Bach for viola and piano

Luciano Berio: Naturale for viola, percussion and tape


Following event: Launch of the “21st Century” Magazine – Wolf Aichelburg and the Sibiu Literary Circle. Speakers: Alina Ledeanu, Marius Ungureanu, Dan Dediu.

In collaboration with the “21st Century” Foundation


Matrix – Beyond Nature


UNMB, Opera and Multimedia Studio, 19.00h

VisEle Gam – Visual-Electro-Game

GAME Percussion Ensemble, conductor Alexandru Matei 

Visual Artist: Alexandru Patatics

Dan Bujor (light design), Dan Alexandru (sound engineer), Cãtãlin Crețu (live electronics)

Sebastian Androne: Stone’s Yearning (W.P)

Cãtãlin Crețu: Fragmentarium (W.P)

Mihai Mãniceanu: Mishiba (W.P.)

Mihai Murariu: Hypernova (W.P)

Adina Sibianu: Untuned patterns (W.P.)

A production of the Electroacoustic and Multimedia Music Center of the National University of Music in Bucharest


Wednesday, 25th May

New Europe College, 17.00h

Nietzsche versus Wagner, Wagner versus Nietzsche – Lecture by Prof. Dr. Karol Berger (Stanford University/ SUA)

In collaboration with New Europe College

                                                                                                         ”Aquarium” Hall,  The National University of Music in Bucharest, Media Center, 15.00h

Book Launch: volumes by Prof. Gheorghe Dutica (The “George Enescu” Arts University in Iasi). Speakers: the author, Viorel Munteanu, Dan Dediu


Nirvana – Beyond Self


UNMB, ”Auditorium” Hall, 16.00h

Barrie Webb (trombone)

Cain Katsumi Yokoyama – Requiem…ad vitam aeternam (p.a.r.)

1. Introit

2. Kyrie

3. Offertorium

4. Sanctus

5. Benedictus

6. Agnus Dei

7. Lux aeterna

8. Libera me

9. In Paradisum


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


UNMB, ”Auditorium” Hall, 17.00h

Solartis String Quartet

Sabin Penea (1st violin), Ana Maria Marian (2nd violin),

Laura Zecheru (viola), Andrei Nițescu (cello)

Corneliu Dan Georgescu: String Quartet No. 16 “Atemporal Landscape”

Bogdan Vodã: String Quartet (f.p.)

Viorel Munteanu: String Quartet No.2

Frank Zabel - Dance Macabre

In collaboration with the National “George Enescu” Museum in Bucharest


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


Romanian Radio, Mihail Jora Hall, 19.00h

Radio Chamber Orchestra

Cristian Oroșanu (conductor)

Diana Moș (violin), Mircea Marian (cello),

Sergiu Cârstea (trumpet), Antonela Bârnat (mezzosoprano)

Dan Buciu: Cristiane for orchestra (f.p.)

Ulpiu Vlad: Sonorities and Anemona III – Concerto for violin, celor and string orchestra (f.p.)

Liviu Dãnceanu: SymConcertPhony for trumpet and orchestra (f.p.)

Livia Teodorescu-Ciocãnea: Mysterium tremendum II for mezzosoprano and orchestra (f.p.)

In collaboration with The Romanian Radio Society


Thursday, 26th May


New Europe College, 17.00h

In Search of Medieval Music in Africa – Lecture by Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Busse Berger (University of California, Davis/ SUA)

In collaboration with New Europe College


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


UNMB, ”G. Enescu” Hall, 17.00h

Archaeus Ensemble

Liviu Dãnceanu (conductor)

Dorin Gliga (oboe), Ion Nedelciu (clarinet), Șerban Novac (bassoon),

Marius Lãcraru (violin), Anca Vartolomei (cello), Sorin Rotaru (percussion),

Rodica Dãnceanu (piano), Simona Jidveanu (soprano)

Dan Voiculescu: Flowers for two symanterions

Ștefan Niculescu: Inventions for clarinet and piano

Horațiu Rãdulescu: Dr. Kay Hong’s Diamond Mountain VI op.77.6  for violin and 16 spectral gongs

Nicolae Brînduș: Melopedie & Fuga for bassoon

Ghenadie Ciobanu: La Cancion que no fue cantada y la ultima Serenata de Juan Carlos O. for cello

Anatol Vieru: Rubato for percussion

Pascal Bentoiu: The Poet and the Sea for soprano and piano, verses by Nina Cassian

Aurel Stroe: Humoreske mit zwei Durchblicken zum Leeren for ensemble


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


Romanian Athenaeum, 19.00h

”George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra

Peter Ruzicka (conductor)

Florian Mitrea (pian)

Peter Ruzicka: Elegie. Erinnerung fur Orchester (f.r.p.)

W. A. Mozart: Concerto for piano and orchestra No.21

George Enescu: Symphony No.3

In collaboration with the “George Enescu” Philharmonic


Friday, 27th May


New Europe College, 13.00h

Bossa-nova recital: composer, singer and performer Chico Mello (Brazil/Germany)

In collaboration with New Europe College


Matrix – Beyond Nature



UNMB, Mediateque, 3rd Floor, 16.00h

Partita Radicale

Ute Völker (accordeon), Karola Pasquay (flute),

Ortrud Kegel (flute), Thomas Beimel (viola), Gunda Gottschalk (violin)

Ars Subtilior  (happening, 45’)


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


UCMR Hall, 17.00h

Christian Nas and Antal Sandor (violas)

György Ligeti: Balade and Dance

György Kurtág : Jelek, játékok és üzenetek / Signs, Games and Messages

Nicolae Teodoreanu: Muguri si flori / Buds and Flowers (f.p.)

Miriam Marbe: Sonata for two violas

Mihnea Brumariu: Duo for 2 violas (1. Wer arbeitet, ist der Dumme; 2. Masonic Music)

Máté Hollós: Viole contro violenze  (parts 1, 3, 5)

Könczei Árpád : Broken Music for 2 violas


Nirvana – Beyond Self


UNMB, Opera and Multimedia Studio, 17.00h

SonoMania Ensemble

Mihai Pintenaru (clarinet), Valentin Ghita (oboe), Raluca Stratulat (violin),

Tamara Dica (viola), Eugen-Bogdan Popa (cello), Alexandru Stroe (percussion), Eliza Puchianu (piano)

Diana Rotaru (conductor) 

Irina Ungureanu, Veronica Anuşca (sopranos)

Cristina Lilienfeld, Smaranda Gãbudeanu (dancers)


Diana Rotaru – ÎN TRUP / IN BODY – chamber opera (f.p.)

Libretto: Ciprian Mãceșaru

Choreography: Cristina Lilienfeld

Scenography: Anca Albani

Assistant scenographer: Tara Dobrovolschi

Video projections: Serioja Bocsok, Alina Usurelu

Lights: Michael Eigemann


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


Romanian Radio, Mihail Jora Hall, 19.00h

National Radio Orchestra and Radio Academic Choir

Gheorghe Costin (conductor), Ciprian Țuțu (choir conductor)

Emil Vișenescu (clarinet)

Sorin Petrescu (piano)

Doina Rotaru – Fragile II for clarinet and orchestra (R.f.p.)

Adrian Iorgulescu – Hypostases I for piano and orchestra

Anatol Vieru – Symphony No. 5  for choir and orchestra


Matrix – Beyond Nature



UNMB Mediateque, “Aquarium” Hall, 21.00h

MUSIC-BOX: Sound Installations and Video-music

Gheorghe Costinescu, Cãtãlin Crețu, Mihaela Vosganian, Deutsche Musikrat


A german sound – mobile contemporary sound-art exhibition

Producer: Deutscher Musikrat – in collaboration with the Bucharest Goethe Institute

Curators: Stefan Fricke and Johannes S. Sistermanns, opening speech: J.S. Sistermanna

Sound art installation

Ciprian Ciuclea: SIGNAL. 8 MINUTES AFTER.

Curator: Cãtãlin Crețu


Gheorghe Costinescu: One Minute Tribute: 9/11/2001

Gheorghe Costinescu: Tai-Chi on the Hudson – for string quartet and animation

MIhaela Vosganian: Saturnian – “Lord of the Rings” – for electronic medium and photo-video design

In collaboration with Goethe Institute and NouMax


Saturday, 28th May


UNMB, ”Dinu Lipatti” Hall, 10.00h

International Musicology Symposium. Themes: Anatol Vieru, Dorel Pașcu and Cristina Rădulescu-Pașcu.

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Olguța Lupu 


Iulia Cibisescu-Duran: “Modalism and syntax in the 7th String Quartet by Anatol Vieru”

Livia Teodorescu-Ciocanea & Joel Crotty: “Anatol Vieru’s 5th Symphony: a musical esthetics associated with Eminescu and prime numbers”

Dana Cristina Probst: “On the Road, with Anatol Vieru”

Lena Conta-Vieru: ”The Two Piano Sonatas by Anatol Vieru”

Liviu Marinescu: “The Soloist and his Eternal Alter-Ego in Anatol Vieru’s Music”

Olguta Lupu: “Melodic Nonconformity in Anatol Vieru’s Creation”

Corneliu Dan-Georgescu: “Anatol Vieru, his Generation and its Weltanschauung”

Andrei Vieru: “Time in Anatol Vieru’s Music and Essays”


Valentina Sandu-Dediu: “Cristina Radulescu-Pascu: the Ideal Guide through Folkloristics and Ethnomusicology”

Adina Dumitrescu & Dana Cristina Probst: “The Joy of Sharing the Romanian Musical Traditions”

Mihaela Nubert-Chetan: “In memoriam Cristina Radulescu-Pascu. Manuscripts from the Archive of the “Constantin Brailoiu” Ethnography and Folklore Institute”

Constantin Secara: “Cristina Radulescu-Pascu, Scholar and Teacher. Her Role and Place in Romanian Ethnomusicological Research and Didactics”


Dan Buciu: “Dorel Pascu – Sketch for a Portrait”

Marius Ungureanu: “The Road to Inner Self”

Ion Ivan Roncea: “Dorel, as I knew him”

Roman Vlad: “Dorel Pascu-Radulescu – a Remarkable Human and Professional Model” 


UCMR Hall, 11.00h

Claudia Codreanu (mezzosoprano)

Diana Vodã (piano)

Adrian Rațiu – Hommage a Eric Satie. 3 Songs on poems by Tristan Tzara (1994)

Diana Vodã – Patima on poems by Nina Cassian  (2015)

Dan Constantinescu – Six poemes francais on poems by Rainer Maria Rilke and Nicolae Coman

Olguta Lupu – Psalm on poems by Tudor Arghezi (2015)

Didier Schein – Indicateur des chemins de coeur, Demmarage, Regle on poems by Tristan Tzara (2013)


UNMB, Mediateque, Projection Hall, 15.00h

Workshop with the composer Yinam Leef (Jerusalem Academy of Music an Dance, Israel)



Nirvana – Beyond Self


UNMB, Opera and Multimedia Studio, 17.00h

Trio Contraste

Ion Bogdan Ștefãnescu (flutes), Doru Roman (percussion),

Sorin Petrescu (keyboards)

Violeta Dinescu: Nosferatu (1922) by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

(Stummfilm with live-music – first movie of the Dracula novel by Bram Stoker)



Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


UNMB, ”George Enescu” Hall, 19.00h

AdHOC Ensemble

Raluca Ilovan (flute), Adrian Cioban (oboe), Aurelian Bãcan (clarinet),

Rãzvan Poptean (clarinet), Radu Dunca (violin), Ovidiu Costea (viola),

Vlad Rațiu (cello), Eva Butean (piano), Emil Simion (percussion)

Matei Pop (conductor)

Alexandru Mihalcea: Bolta for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Heinz Holliger: Studie über Mehrklänge for oboe (f.r.p.)

Adrian Pop: Ricorrenze (f.p.)

Tiberiu Herdlicska: Xibalba for flute and piano (f.p.)

Robert Moser: Pierrot soldat / Extended moments I (f.p.)

Aurelian Bãcan: Shaman (f.p.)

Stefan Wirth: Vitruvius Teutsch (f.p.)

Cristian Bence-Muk: Tulburarea apelor (f.p.)

Concert produced within the “Sighisoara Academy” Project, co-financed by a grant from Switzerland.


Matrix – Beyond Nature


UCMR Hall, 21.00h

Irinel Anghel & Friends

Posthumanism (50’)


Temporary disturbing artistic event by Irinel Anghel

Retrofuturist performance with 3 perturbing initiations

1st Gate – Little Kingdom of Leftovers with almost no side effects

2nd Gate – The unlived and unremembered life

3rd Gate – Upside down



Irinel Anghel & Friends

Irinel Anghel –  voice, performance; Paul Dunca –  dance, performance; David Szederjessi – percussion; Călin Torsan –  wind instruments; Victor Podeanu – electric guitar; Darie Nemeş-Bota –  wind objects; Alexandru Sima – electronics; Marian Cîtu – electronics; Bogdan Frigioiu – electric guitar; Vasile Gherghel – live video; Sabina Ulubeanu – soundbox, performance; Bogdana Dima –  accordion, performance;

Guest: Daniel Stancu – performance – “Consuming Connections”


 Sunday, 29th May


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


UNMB, ”G. Enescu” Hall, 11.00h

Pas Classique Ensemble

Mircea Pãdurariu (conductor)

Cornel Țãranu: Barroccoco

Maia Ciobanu: Diary 2016 (f.p.)

Carmen Cârneci: Secondary Exile

Sorin Lerescu: Sound-Form-Color II (f.p.)

George Balint: Hunab-Ku


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


Romanian Athenaeum, 17.00h

”Madrigal – Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir

Anna Ungureanu (conductor)

Swedish Traditional Music: Värmlandsvisan

Anders Õhrwall: Polka från Rättwik

Marin Constantin: Heteros

Ola Gjeilo: Unicornis captivatur

Sabina Ulubeanu: In vino veritas

Ola Gjeilo: Northern Lights

Cristian Alexandru Petrescu: Anti-Schisma Laudatio

Henk Badings: Vocalizzo burlesco

Grigore Cudalbu: Quasi Motet

Vytautas Miskinis: Pater noster

Pelle Olofson: Hear My Prayer 


Nirvana – Beyond Self



UNMB, ”G. Enescu” Hall, 19.00h


Petra Panã (flute), Cosmin Sperneac (oboe), Emil Vișenescu (clarinet), Laurențiu Darie (bassoon),

Sorin Lupașcu (French horn), Mihai Toth (trumpet), Florin Pane (trombone), Laurențiu Sima (tuba),

Sorin Rotaru (percussion), Adriana Maier (piano),

Diana Moș (1st violin I), Oana Vișenescu (2nd violin), Marian Movileanu (viola),

Mircea Marian (cello), Dinu Petrache (contrabass)

Tiberiu Soare (conductor)

Chico Mello (Brazilia) – los arvores (f.p.)

Octavian Nemescu – N.w.

Cãlin Ioachimescu – Oratio II for ensemble

Yinam Leef (Israel) – Impro’s Imprint for ensemble (f.p.)

Romanian pianist wins “Contemporary Piano” Award in Madrid

28 years old Romanian pianist Alexandru Belemuski was awarded the “Contemporary Piano” Award in Madrid, at the Annual Gala organized by the Miguel Ángel Colmenero Foundation for promoting young artists. The prize is due to the performance of the Piano Suite by Spanish composer Jesús Aranda, during and winner of the Carmelo Bernaola composition competition.

The “Contemporary Piano” Award was presented to Alexandru Belemuski by Spanish composer Sebastian Mariné, member of an elite jury. All the winners performed in a concert after the Gala. Alexandru Belemuski was invited to perform at the prestigious Auditorio Nacional in Madrid on January 16th 2016.

Alexandru Belemuski was born in Romania, in Giurgiu, în 1988. He has been living in Spain since 2000, having graduated from the Superior Music Conservatory in Aragon.

Silent Film Night @ InnerSound 2015

Four years of InnerSound – concerts in Estonia and Bucharest, the last in the memory of Teodora Maftei, who lost her life in the Colectiv fire.

Graphic design: Maia Manolescu

The only new arts festival in Romania, the InnerSound International New Arts Festival, marking its fourth year of existence through a series of concert events: seven pieces of famous contemporary composers from Estonia, Germany, France. Israel, USA and Romania will be heard in the Silent Film Night, in the interpretation of the Tallinn New Music Ensemble from Estonia.

The original concept of the Silent Film Night, held for the first time in the festival in Romania, bringing together known directors, composers and musicians who interpret live original creations which accompany the silent films, is travelling for the first time outside the borders of Romania, so the first two concerts Estonia will take place on in Estonia on 20th and 22nd November , organised by Animated Dreams Section of the Tallinn Black Nights festival, in collaboration with the Ensemble for New Music Tallinn .

The Bucharest concert will take place on December 3rd, at 19:30 at the Palace Spayer ( Inspayer Batiştei)

The event in Bucharest is dedicated to the memory of Teodora Maftei, photographer and friend of the InnerSound festival, who has been with the organisers since its inception, participating in exhibitions with works of photography, as a performer and providing maximum discretion in promoting the festival team. Teodora loved music in any shape and form, from Bach to rock music and the most unusual experiments of contemporary cultivated music. Music, poetry and photography were the most important parts of Teodora’s life. We are hopeful that our energy and enthusiasm will reverberate positive influences on future generations of artists, therefore, starting with the 2016 edition, the photography prize awarded by the InnerSound New Arts Festival shall be named “The Teodora Maftei Award.”

Moreover, the ‘In Memoriam Teodora Maftei’ concert is a reminder that the fire victims from Colectiv will take many years to recover physically and especially mentally and spiritually. Once the wounds heal, they will need time, energy and financial resources to retrieve some of the beauty and good around them. We can help by donating to the accounts made available to the public in the media.

The programme enlists first time world auditions, first time Estonian auditions and first time Romanian auditions in Estonia.

Brice Catherin (FR-CY) / David O’Reilly (US) “Mountain”
Alexander Schubert (DE) “Hello”
Märt-Matis Lill (EE) / Priit Tender (EE) “Bird Flu”
Yair Klartag (IL-US)/ Rainer Kohlberger (AT) “Pros Mathematikous”
Diana Rotaru (RO)/ Anda Puscas (RO) “Edge”
Ove-Kuth Kadak (EE)/ Kiwa Noid (EE) “Ripple Underneath”
Sabina Ulubeanu (RO) / Mirona Radu (RO) “Ana”

Performing: Ensemble for New Music Tallinn
Mari-Liis Vihermäe (flute)
Helena Tuuling (clarinet)
Merje Roomere (violin)
Talvi Nurgamaa (viola)
Paul-Gunnar Loorand (cello)
Arash Yazdani (conductor)

Organised by the Opus Association, the InnerSound New Arts Festival provides with a new perspective on contemporary music. The Founding members of InnerSound are three composers who include in their creation visual arts and performance: Sabina Ulubeanu, artistic co-director, is also a photographer, Diana Rotaru, artistic co-director, is concerned with the syncretic side of the arts, Catalin Cretu, the executive director, is a multimedia artist. InnerSound also represents a strong platform for the promotion of young composers, musicians , photographers, visual artists and filmmakers , also including internationally renowned artists – Alexandru Tomescu, Henry Vega, Anat Spiegel, Contempo, SIGMA Project, Dublin Sound Lab, Irina Ungureanu, Barbara Lüneburg, Marko Ciciliani, Controllar, Matei Ioachimescu, Ana Topalovic, Gabriel Bebeșelea, Irinel Anghel, Laura Buruiană.

Since the establishing in 2012, Ensemble for New Music Tallinn has proven to be faithful to its promise of bringing about fresh music to the new and eager audience. We could claim to be enriching a new approach or culture of listening to music, by introducing our carefully selected programs, and successfully befriending the audience with the current and valid contemporary music. In our new season we will have pieces from very young composers as well as established and renowned maestri. As previously have done and since we feel responsible for promoting and supporting young composers and their fresh yet high quality music, we will have commissions to composers from different countries and with different background, with no bias except for the quality of music! One of ongoing ensemble projects is to have collaborations with soloists of less common instruments, specially those that could fit with ENMT’s aesthetics and intonation. By giving commissions to composers for writing for those specific instruments and presenting the pieces and instruments to the public, we aim to introduce new means of repertoire, sounding, intonation and possibilities to contemporary music scene.

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn

Partners:  Ensemble for New Music Tallinn, Ministerul Culturii din Estonia, Inspayer, UNMB, CIMRO, ICR, festivalul Animated Dreams, Asociația MagiCAMP,