Ecaterina Banciu

Lecturer professor Ph. Dr. Ecaterina Banciu has been a faculty member of the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy in Cluj since 2002, actively involved in musicological research and teaching and herself an alumna of the Academy. She has published various articles, studies and two books (Aesthetic Archetypes of the Ethos-Affectionate Relationship in the History of Music – Editura MediaMusica, Cluj-Napoca, 2006; Musicological Itineraries: Mozart, Puccini, Toduţă, Terényi – Editura MediaMusica, Cluj-Napoca, 2009) and History of Music (Module of study for University Studies by Distance Learning) – Ed. MediaMusica, Cluj-Napoca, 2009). 

Her research interests cover topics such as hermeneutics. As an example we have the following study - Hermeneutic Aspects of Cornel Ţăranu’s Chamber Work ‘Oreste & Oedipus’ (2007). Shw wrote articles on Mozart’s works: Shakespeare’s Spirit in Mozart’s Works (2004); The Minuet in Mozart’s Chamber Works (2005), The Clarinet in Mozart’s Works (2006), The obsession of a theme:. „La ci darem la mano” by Mozart (2010); Romantic music: Stylistic perspectives of the Valse: chamber, symphonic and coreographic (2009), Behind Manfred – Byron, Schumann and Tchaikovsky (2010); postromantic music: Ist dies etwa derTod? – Vier letzte Lieder by Richard Strauss (2011); veristic opera: The enigma of Puccini -Turandot; Romanian contemporary music: Ovid’s effigy in Sigismund Toduţă’s Third Symphony (2004); Toduţă antiques (2007); Ede Terényi and the four Seasons (2005), Ede Terényi: Tribute for Mozart (2008), Sigismund Toduţă’s Choir Works – Cluj premiere (2008); musical archetypes: From “Viersuri de dor” to “Ciaccona”. Vasile Herman, co-author: Gabriel Banciu (2009), Enesco’s echos: „Rimembranza” for orchestra by Cornel Ţăranu, co-author Gabriel Banciu, Syntactic-semantic aspects in “Ethos 1″ and “Solstice” by Adrian Pop (2012);Intended repertoire: “Star of the day” by Tudor Jarda a choreographic poem with chorus and narrator (2012), Through the Maze of Word Processing (2013) and The history of a forgotten Passacaglia: end of the 3rd Symphony, „Ovidiu” by Sigismund Toduţă (2013).

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