Florinela Popa

Florinela Popa is lecturer at the National University of Music Bucharest, where she graduated music education and musicology (by Professor Valentina Sandu-Dediu). She also works as a scientific researcher at the National Museum „George Enescu”, Bucharest. During her doctoral studies, in 2005-2006 she participated in a „Sokrates-Erasmus” program at the University of Leipzig.

She took part in international projects such as Musica migransLebenslinien mittel- und  osteuropäischer Musiker, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Helmut Loos, University of Leipzig (2007-2008), and EthnoArc (2008), receiving a research grant from New Europe College, Bucharest. She is postdoctoral research fellow at New Europe College (2011-2012), at National University of Music Bucharest – MIDAS (2012-2013).

She is the author of the books Mihail Jora. A European Modern (Bucharest 2009), Sergei Prokofiev (Bucharest 2012); co-author of the volumes I-V in the series Documents in the Archive of the National Museum „George Enescu”: Articles on George Enescu in Periodicals (Bucharest 2009-2012). She wrote studies and articles in some collective volumes (Musical Aesthetics: Another Kind of Manual. Bucharest, 2007; Tiberiu Olah and the Multiple Facets of Postmodernism. Bucharest, 2008) and in magazines as Musicology Today, Secolul XXI, Dilemateca, Muzica, Journal of Ethnography and Folklore, Acord, Actualitatea muzicală.

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