Irina Boga

Irina Boga is a graduate of two sections within the Universityof Music:  Musicology – FCMPM (2002) and Harpsichord – FIM (2004).  Between October 2002 and July 2003 she benefited from a mobility Grant destined to Socrate/ ERASMUS students at Hogeschool Antwerpen – at the Drama, Music and Dance department (Belgium). In 2010 – was awarded the PHD title after presenting a thesis named Aesthetic Principles in the English Baroque and their Interpretational Applications. She  is presently lecturer at the National University of Music in Bucharest and has just finished the research within the MIDAS programme initiated by the PHD Musical Institute. The thesis developed within this project is called HÄNDEL, a Citizen of the European Community – avant la lettre.

Irina Boga’s musicological activity is combined with the pedagogical one: musicology and history of music courses, musical aesthetics and musicology seminars and harpsichord. She collaborates with different cultural magazines from Bucharest:  Revista Muzica (Music Magazine), Actualitatea Muzicală (Musical Updates), Revista Opera (Opera Magazine), Revista Melos (Melos Magazine), Revista 21 (21 Magazine), Akademos, Magazin Istoric (Historic Magazine). She presently is editor in chief of the Accord Magazine published by the Bucharest National University of Music. She signed radio and TV productions for Radio Romania Music, amongst which: Histories on a scale or Musicians’ Childhood. Irina Boga regularly takes part at scientific sessions at the Bucharest National University of Music, but also at international seminars, and for the last two years has been organizing The Musicologic Symposium at the BNUM. She also has an impressive activity as a harpsichordist in individual recitals or in chamber music concerts, switching easily from the baroque repertoire to the contemporary one.

Studies: Akademos, magazine published by the BNUM : «Baroque, a fantomatic world of brilliance » – no. 4/2009, “The English Paradox, as a British Land-mark” no. 4/2009, “Haendel – French Arias”, no. 4/2009, “Interpretation Elements in the Baroque Suite”, no 4/2010, “Baroque Elements in George Enescu’s Compositions”, no. 4/2010.

Articles : George Enescu – Festival Journal, September 2007 : « Why play music ? », “Pleasant surprises in the Festival’s Square”, “Cultural defrost”, “For and Against”, “Between the Romanian Athenaeum and the Palace Hall” (I, II), “The Festival Square – final echoes”; Melos Magazine  « The Instrument of the Angels » – april 2008, « Haydn in English », “Maria Joao Pires or about finesse” – September 2009; Acord Journal: “Unobservantly becoming observant” – February 2009, “Years of a Student” – April 2009, “The Key Festival”, “Journey Diaries” – June 2009, “Akademos and the Musical Pedagogy” – December 2010, “Interview with Maestro Christian Badea” – February 2010, “Akademos Magazine no. 4”, “Reflections on a Keyboard” – March 2011, “Maestro Horia Andreescu – ideas about an Orchestra Internship” – June 2011; Historic Magazine: « Famous Love Relationships – Clara and Robert Schumann » – October 2010

The book – programme for the XXth Edition of the « George Enescu » International Festival, along with Alice Tacu.

Books: Irina Boga, Grigore Constantinescu – A journey through Music History:Didactic and Pedagogic Publishing House – 2008; Sherban Lupu – The Art of the Fiddlers, a source for the Modern Violin Technique  – the English edition, Casa Radio Publishing House 2010; Irina Boga – The English Baroque – Behaviour and Temper, The Musical Publishing House, 2011; Sherban Lupu – Irina Boga – Unknown Enescu – interview book, also translated in English, the Casa Radio Publishing House, 2011.

Symposiums, scientific sessions: 13th of April 2006 – participation at the « Mozart in our days » musicology symposium with a work named “Mozart… after Mozart” (published in a volume entitled “W. A. Mozart – contemporary perspectives”, Bucharest National University of Music); 28 – 29th of September 2007 – participation at the “Romanticism as an Attitude” International Symposium held at the Strasbourg Conservatoire with a work called “Romanian Musical Romanticism”; 18th of January 2007, participation at the 9th edition of the Ancient Music Artistic and Scientific Session within the BNUM – “English Baroque – Epoch, Personalities, creation” with a work called “The English Paradox”; 5th of December 2008 – organization of the « Grigore Constantinescu – Seven Musical Decades” Musicology Symposium and Contest at the BNUM; 5th of April 2011 – organization of the Musicology Symposium « Artists’ Anniversaries » and participation with a work called “Gustav and Alma or music and love”; 9th of September 2011, participation at the “George Enescu” International Musicology Symposium in Bucharest, with a work called “Oedip or Destiny’s Problems – between myth and illusion”; 15th of May 2012 – organization of a Musicology Symposium by the title of « Composers at anniversary moments » at the BNUM.