Loredana Baltazar

Loredana Baltazar, born in 1966, in Pitești, has a double graduate degree at the National University of Music from Bucharest: Instrumental Pedagogy (1991) and Musicology (1994). Between 1994-1995 she attended Advanced Studies in Musicology (postgraduate level).  In 2012 she got her Bachelor’s Degree at the Hyperion University from Bucharest, Faculty of Arts – Film and TV Directing. In 2014 she completed her Master’s Degree in Dramaturgy and Script Writing at the same University. In 2012 she attended courses at UNATC I.L.Caragiale Bucharest (Sunday School – Film Acting) and at Transilvania Pictures in Cluj (Dov Simens’ 2Day Film School for Film Producers).

She has been a member of numerous associations as: the Romanian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music since 1999, the Romanian Association of Women in the Arts since 2002, the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists since 2007 and of the UARF (Union of Authors and Filmmakers) since 2013.

Loredana Baltazar was an associate teacher of Harmony and Musical Forms (1994-1996) at the National University of Music from Bucharest, Music Education teacher (2003-2004) at the Theatre Department of the Dinu Lipatti National Arts College, Aesthetics and Art Theory teacher (2008-2009)  and currently a piano teacher (since 1991) at the same College. Between 2007 and 2009, she was the site editor for the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists. Between 1996 and 1998 she took part in the working committees of the International New Music Week  Festival and, in 1999, of the World Music Days – ISCM Festival. In 2005 she was executive director and in 2006, assistant director of  the International New Music Week Festival,  in 2005 and 2007 she was part of the organizational team of the George Enescu International Festival (conception of promotional printed materials for the 18th edition).

Between 1999 and 2009, Loredana Baltazar coordinated and presented a series of audio-concerts, performed monthly under the aegis of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists and of the George EnescuNational Museum, a series that became, in 2003, the cycle  “Romanian Music and Poetry “; she also realized original posters and program-sheets for each event. Between 1988 and 2012 she presented various choral performances and vocal-instrumental recitals, as well as the Gala of young talents. Since 2008 she has collaborated with Sergio Tour SRL, a tourism company, realizing a series of touristic promotional DVDs (as a cinematographer and as an editor).

Loredana Baltazar published musical chronicles, essays, studies, interviews, book and score reviews, in “Actualitatea Muzicală”, “Cotidianul” (Suplimentul literar si artistic), “Orpheus” and “Opus” of the Academy of Music, “Muzica”, “Azi” (“Spectacolul muzicii” supplement), “Observatorul cultural”, “Cuvântul”, “Bucureștiul cultural”, “Jurnal de Festival”, “Altitudini”, “Tango” etc., online commentaries on the site of the Ministry of Culture (www.cimec.ro), agenda LiterNet, CD presentations (the cycles “Anthology of Romanian Symphonic Music” and “Contemporary Music Week 2005-2006”).

Between 2010 and 2013, Loredana Baltazar created the following short films: „Ephemerides”(musical film-essay), „The voice of crying” (documentary portrait), „Happy years together!”(fiction/comedy), „Sucker” (fiction/comedy), „Art like an exercise” (documentary), „Illusions” (fiction), two very short fiction films (comedies also): „Anniversary” (cinematographer, director) and „Envy” (cinematographer, director, editor, actor), several musical videos (Les temps des cathedrales, Ciuleandra etc.) Her short films „Happy years together!” and „Sucker” were selected and screened at the International Film Festival Comedy from Cluj (2011 and 2012) and at the International Digital Film Festival Future Movie, Galaţi (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).

At the beginning of 2015 she completed her first DVD project (as both cinematographer and editor): „Romanian composers and performers in spectacular hypostases”. The project was a collaboration with the Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists and it contained three videos selected from the concerts of the „International Week of New Music Festival” (the 23rd and 24th editions).

Studies about contemporary music: “The musical destiny of Opera Aperta”: Muzica, Bucharest 1996; “The Aleatorism, a doctrine of negation?”: Muzica, Bucharest 1997.

Finished volumes: „The John Cage phenomenon”, „Opening performances of contemporary piano works”, „Quo vadis FESTIVAL, quo vadis MUSICA?”, Chronicles of contemporary music festivals (SIMN, SMC, Musica Nova, Archaeus, World Music Days, SNR-SIMC Festival, Decade of Romanian music).

Awards: – the Culture brings souls together Diploma at the Digital Film Festival Future Movie, Galaţi, for the portrait-film „The voice of crying” dedicated to the composer Doru Popovici (2010); the Diploma of Excellence, awarded by the Faculty of Arts – Ovidius University Constanta, for permanent collaboration (2009, 2010); finalist at the Portrait of a woman national photo contests on-line, 2010 (organized by the Adevărul newspaper ), “Haiku – my city”,  (organized by  www.comunitatefoto.ro in 2011)  and “Take photos to the civic implication!” (organized by Public Center of Soros Fundation in 2012).