Mihai Moldovan

Mihai Moldovan (1937-1981) was a talented composer, who died prematurely, at 44 years old, in a tragic accident. Born in Dej, he studied at the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Conservatory in Cluj with Sigismund Toduţă, Tudor Jarda, Liviu Comes, Gheorghe Merişescu and Traian Mârza. He finished his composition studied in Bucharest, with Mihail Jora, Zeno Vancea and Anatol Vieru. He worked as a music secretary and coordinator at the art institutions of the Romanian Army; music editor at the “Electrecord” Record Company, at the Radio and Television Broadcasting Company and at the “Muzica” Journal.

He wrote chamber music, choral music (“Origins”, “Bells”, “Incantations”), symphonic pieces (“Textures”, “Stained Glass Windows”, “Tree barks”, “Tulnics”, Cantemiriana”, “Hommage for Anton Pann”), vocal-symphonic works (“Rituals”, “Ancient Songs”) and an opera (“Stages of History”). He was awarded various prizes, such as the Prize of the Union of Composers and Musicologists, the “George Enescu” Prize, the Romanian Academy Prize, prizes of the Culture and Radio-TV Broadcasting Council. (source)

MUSIC on internet: Peste varfuri/Over the mountain tops