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Sebastian Androne

Sebastian Androne (b. 18th of July 1989) finished his Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in composition as a valedictorian at the National University of Music from Bucharest (N.U.M.B). He studied composition under Dan Dediu, Nicolae Coman, Dan Voiculescu and Mihaela Vosganian. He also studied under Joe Cutler, Howard Skempton and Ed Bennett at the Birmingham Conservatoire during the Erasmus program, in 2013. In 2014 he began his Doctorate of Music studies at the N.U.M.B., under professor Dan Dediu. Among other numerous prizes he won: the Prize of the symphonic section of the „George Enescu” composition competition (2014), the Prize of the International Summer Academy – Austria (2013), 2nd Prize at the International Composition Competition „Left Coast Chamber Ensemble” (2011), nominalization for the „Prometheus Grand Prizes” (2011), 1st  Prize at the „Mihail Jora” competition (2011), 1st  Prize at the „Ștefan Niculescu” competition (2010), 1st  Prize at the „Paul Constantinescu” competition (2009), 3rd Prize at the International competition „From Romanticism to Contemporary” (2009). About his music, Sebastian writes: 

“From the beginning I was interested in the compositional processes that shape a musical piece into a verisimilar entity, into a colorful canvas, into an engaging tale or speech, into a conceptual representation or even into a roller-coaster or a labyrinth. I’m inclined to a meta-stylistic approach of music, often starting from a visual stimulus. I value stylistic versatility and I try to acquire it, composing in as many styles of new savant music, but also in the style of film or pop music.  Sometimes I use different musical idioms and techniques as mere tools, colours or building blocks, but almost always aiming for a homogeneous musical discourse, binding and melting together different and – very often – dichotomous elements. When I limit myself to a single musical idiom, I always look for binomial elements inside the idiomatic field trying to create a screenplay with them and also to enlarge the expressive palette. This  is the way I did things until now. I do not know where the questions I have now will  lead me to in the future and what consequences will have on my music.”

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All Inclusive

Saturday, December 13th 2014, the National “George Enescu” Museum hosts a unique event, “ALL INCLUSIVE- Performative Restaurant with Music Specialties”.

The event starts at 6 p.m. and includes a Romanian contemporary music concert performed by SonoMania New Music Ensemble, including works by Cornel Taranu, Violeta Dinescu, Nicolae Brandus, Sabina Ulubeanu, Darie Nemes-Bota, Doina Rotaru, Adrian Pop, Tiberiu Olah, Diana Rotaru, Sebastian Androne and Cristian Bence-Muk. Members of the public will randomly “order” their preferred musical dish, thus deciding the order and the actually played works from the Menu/Program.


• Classical Breakfast with Living Art
• Minimal-repetitive Snacks
• Wine Cellar and Electronic Lounge with Glassmusic
• Chamber music concert with a peculiar menu
• Last Supper
• Performance art to go

Concept: Irinel Anghel

Event Coordinators: Irinel Anghel, Diana Rotaru


Irinel Anghel, Paul Dunca, Valentina Chiriţă, Cristina Lilienfeld, Ana Costea, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Mihai Dragomir

Darie Nemeş-Bota & Glassharmonia - Marina Alexandra Arsene, Bogdana Dima, Megumi Okuda, Alexandru Mihalcea, Alexandru Sima

SonoMania Ensemble:

Diana Rotaru – Artistic Director; Raluca Stratulat – violin, Mihai Pintenaru – clarinet, Eugen-Bogdan Popa – cello; Special Guest: Laurenţiu Darie – bassoon

Free entrance.