Maria Cristina Ciurduc

Maria Ciurduc is a graduate of the Ion Geanta Highschool of Arts in Ramnicu Valcea and of the National University of Music in Bucharest. She was awarded different prizes, such as the 3rd price with “Trio Classic” (viola, clarinet and piano) at K. Pendercky contest of contemporany music, 2002 and the  2000 Jury Special Award for the best interpretation of  a contemporary musical piece with “Trio Classic” in first edition of the Aperto contest Bucharest, 2000. She was also awarded other prizes in national music contests between 1996-1999. She collaborates with the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra in Bucharest, giving concerts and tours in Romania and abroad. Since November 203 she is a permanent collaborator of the  National Radio Orchestra in Bucharest, giving concerts and tours outside Romania. She played in numerous concerts with Trio Classic in Bucharest at the Romanian Atheneum, the George Enescu Museum, National University, the Sutu Palace, the Parliament Palace, and outside Bucharest. She is member of the prestigious Florilegium Quartet. (source)

Ioan Marius Lacraru

Born on the 24 april 1953, in Bucharest, Ioan Marius Lacraru studied at the National University of Music in Bucharest under Mircea Opreanu and Victoria Basta (violin). He improved his skills studying under Stefan Gheorghiu (violin). He performs in concerts and recitals, he is first violin of Florilegium String Quartet, member of Archaeus Ensemble, soloist of  Hyperion  Ensemble. He gave numerous tours in Switzerland, UK, Spain, France, Germany, United States of America, Austria, Portugal,Finland, Greece,etc. He participated in contemporary music festivals in Bucharest, Genève, Paris, London, Moscow,  Lyon, Nancy, Bourges, Huddersfield, Dublin, Istambul, Allicante, Turin, Cagliari, Bratislava, Sophia, Belgrade, Vitasaari, Kromeriz, Tirana, etc.

His performances were either recorded in concert or specially recorded by Radio Bucarest, BBC, Radio France, Bayerische Rundfunk, Radio Allicante, Bratislava, Belgrade, Sophia, Tirana.

Discography (CDs)- Ioan Marius Lacraru:Collection Panoramique XXI – PXXI101 OR 12481;  Edition Modern EDMN 1004,1005,1006, 1008,1009, 1012, 1014, 1015 ; Musique Action 98 – ReR DACH  01 U.K. ; Archaeus Ensemble:EMEC Madrid E-008, E 029 ; Florilegium String Quartet:EMEC Madrid  E-012 ; Archaeus Ensemble:E.G. Tabalet – Alboraia(Valencia) V-3447; Florilegium Quartet:Editura Muzicala, Bucharest P XX-XXI 102 ; Romanian Music Today:Editura Muzicala, Bucharest 037 ; „ Romanian Music Today  2″:SNR-SIMC Star Media Music, Bucharest 044, etc.

“Ioan-Marius Lacraru is a brilliant virtuoso who proves a complex stunning technique” (Theodor Dragulescu in Actualitatea muzicala, no. 30, June 1991, Bucharest)

“The gravity and depth by which he approaches the modern and contemporary music added to the intelligence by which he builds up his repertory classify Ioan- Marius Lacraru as one of the most appreciated musicians” ( Fred Popovici in Muzica, 1985, Bucharest)

“I am admiring once more his artistic depth and perfection.”  (Doina Rotaru in Actualitatea muzicala, no. 68, 1993, Bucharest)

“… Surprising revelation of the festival (International Festival Forfest Czech Republic 2005)… the first concert, simultaneously the opening concert of the festival, with uniquely disposing virtuoso violinist Ion Marius Lacraru … brought spiritual qualities and music of high expression… unforgettable impression.” (Elena Letňanová  in Hudobný život,2005, Bratislava) (source)

Official website, here (in Romanian).

Anca Vartolomei

Born on the 1st of February 1955, in Bucharest, Anca Vartolomei studied at the Conservatory (presently the National University of Music) in Bucharest, under Aurel Niculescu (cello) and Nicolae Brandus (chamber music). She improved her skills at the International Seminaries in Weimar (studying under Galina Kossolupova) and in Budapest (under Vilmos Tatray). Afterwards, she was also invited to teach at the International Summer Courses in Darmstadt (she was already a cello teacher at the George Enescu High School in Bucharest).

Winner of the Brasov Interpretation Contest (1976) and of four editions of the National Festival (1983, 1985, 1987 and 1989), she was awarded several Music Critics Prizes (awarded by the Association of Theater and Music): in 1982, as a member of the Musica Nova ensemble, in 1986, as a soloist and in 1987 as a member of the Archaeus ensemble. As part of this last ensemble, she also received the Prize of the Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists (1990), the Prize of the Romanian Music Critics (1991), the Actualitatea Muzicala magazine Prize (1996) and the SOROS Foundation Prize (1997).

Cellist Anca Vartolomei performed in concerts and recitals in Bucharest and the main cities in Romania, but also in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the United States of America etc. Her repertory is mainly based on contemporary music, many of the most important Romanian composers having dedicated their works to her. The majority of her interpretative creations are now part of the library of the Romanian Radio Broadcastung Company  (either recorded in concert or specially recorded) and some of them can also be found on discs recorded by the Electrecord House (Bucharest), Attaca Records (Amsterdam) or EMEC (Madrid).

Along her career, several Romanian or foreign music critics have issued opinions in regard to the interpretative art of this cellist:  “Outstanding technical virtuosity was shown by cellist Anca Vartolomei in the UK premiere of Celliphonia (Calin Ioachimescu)…” (Reviews, Huddersfield, November 29, 1990);   “…the soloist participation of a cellist not only gifted and expressive, but a cellist that we may call a true cultural element: Anca Vartolomei.” (Alfred Hoffman, Actualitatea Muzicala, no. 24, March 1991). (source)



Dorin Gliga

Oboist Dorin Gliga was born on June 7 1959 in Rastolnita, Mures (Romania). He graduated fron the Music Highschool No.1 in Bucharest and the National University of Music in Bucharest (at the time, the Ciprian Porumbescu Conservatory) where he studied with Pavel Tornea, Radu Chisu si Francisc Laszlo. He specialized in Italy and Germany with Renato Zamfini, Antonio Bachelli, Arturo Sachetti. He played in the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra under the great conductor Sergiu Celibidache, collaborating with the orchestra between 1979-82. Between 1982-91 he was solo oboe at the Bacau Philharmonic. He is founding member of the Syrinx Trio, the Ethos trio and the Archaeus Ensemble, together with musicians such as Iancu Vaduva, Dorel Baicu, Pavel Ionescu, Liviu Danceanu. He taught chamber music and oboe classes at the National University of Music in Bucharest (1992-2007) and the Brasov Faculty of Music (1994-2003).

He held masterclasses in Romania and abroad and he was part in different national and international juries. He played as soloist with prestigious orchestras and held numerous chamber recitals in Romania, Austria, Albania, Italy, UK, Ireland, Russia, Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Japan, USA. He won international prizes in Ancona, Stressa, Capri (Italy), Llangollen (UK), Martigny (Switzerland), Tokyo(Japan). He was awarded the Romanian Critics Prize, the Prize of the Actualitatea Muzicala journal, the ATM Prize, the Soros Prize, the Prize of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists. He recorded LPs and CDs at Electrecord (Bucharest), Edi-Pan (Rome), BBC London, Emec Madrid, Radio Koln, Radio Bucharest, Radio Bratislava, Canal 9 Valencia, TVR Bucharest. He was dedicated a lot of concerts and solo oboe works. He is currently member of the National Radio Orchestra in Bucharest.

Virgil Francu

Flutist Virgil Francu (1942, Codlea –  2011, Bucharest) studied at the National University of Music in Bucharest with professor Vasile Jianu. In 1966 he became member of the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and, since 1991 he had been a flute professor at the National University of Music in Bucharest. He gave numerous concerts in Romania and abroad, while also collaborating with the Musica Nova ensemble and with Concertino. He was awarded prizes at international flute competitions in Prague (1968) and Barcelona (1972).


Adrian Buciu

Flutist and conductor Adrian Buciu is a graduate of the National University of Music in Bucharest (Instrumental Performance, Flute Department and the Faculty of Composition, Musicology and Music Pedagogy, Conducting Department). Since 2000 he is a Ph.D. lecturer in the department of Chamber Music and Orchestra. He gave many concerts as soloist and conductor, on important stages from Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Tunisia, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, France, Norway, USA, Italy. He obtained the  “Erasmus” Scholarship at the Hochschule fur Musik “F. Liszt Weimar (2002-2003). He made various recordings for radio and television.

Adrian Buciu is member of the succesful world music fusion group Imago Mundi and one of the founders of the Old Music Center in the National University of Music, Bucharest. He is the founder and the conductor or the BAROCkers Orchestra (website, here) at the same University. He has also collaborated frequently with new music composers and new music or ensembles in concerts and multimedia shows.

Matei Ioachimescu

The flutist Matei Ioachimescu is one of the finest musicians of his generation. He was born in Bucharest – Romania in a musical family and he started playing the piano at the age of five. Later he studied the flute in Vienna with prof. Barbara Gisler-Haase at the University of Music and Performing Arts, where he graduated with honours. Matei was also influenced and supported by outstanding teachers like Pierre-Yves Artaud, Ion Bogdan Stefanescu, Renate Armin Greiss and Heidi Peter Indermuhle. He holds Magister Artium – Soloist Diploma of the Music University in Vienna and is prize winner of several awards and grants worldwide. One of them is Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (Vienna).

Since 2003, Matei is co-principal flutist of the “George Enescu” – Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra. Besides his active solo and chamber music career, he is also performing as a freelance solo flutist with orchestras like Metropolitan Kammerorchester Wien and Vienna Donauphilharmonie. He is member of several chamber music ensembles like Metropolitans Ensemble, Trio Spirit of Vienna, Ensemble Wien-Helsinki and DOT.Duo.

Matei recorded for Romanian Radio and Broadcasting and in 2012 – a debut CD with music by Debussy, Ibert, Jolivet, Saint Saens and Poulenc is planned to be released.

Matei Ioachimescu is guest professor at Up-Bow Summer Academy in Vienna as well as at Summer Academy in Bistrita, Romania which takes place every July.

Matei plays on a 9 k Muramatsu flute.

Official website, here.

Fernando Mihalache

Fernando Mihalache ( born May 31, 1979) is a well-known Romanian accordion player. He begun to study the accordion at the age of 7 and also studied pan flute at the Dinu Lipatti Music Highschool. He then studied composition at the National Music University in Bucharest, where he’s been closely guided by his teachers,  Liviu Danceanu and Dan Dediu (Master in 2005). He completed his PhD studies in 2011, the title of the dissertation being Romanian Film Music.

As a member, Fernando has been playing with local prestigious ensembles like Traffic Strings, Accord Vibes or Maxim Quartet, teaching as well accordion within the National Music University in Bucharest.

He is among few of the Romanian accordion players to be able to perform successfully in musicals and jazz shows but also in chamber recitals. His remarkable skills allowed him to approach quite a variety of musical styles and genres.

Fernando Mihalache was invited to perform in 2011 Edition of the George Enescu Festival in Romania.

Alexandru Anastasiu

Talent, technique and discipline helped percussionist Alexandru Anastasiu find his professional route. He played in various symphonic orchestras, chamber music groups, he was member of the GAME percussion ensemble.  Along with GAME, he won the Soros Prize in 1998. As a soloist, he performed very appreciated concerts, both by the audience and the critics.

Alexandru developped a special passion for the vibraphone which led him to dedicate more time studying this particular instrument. In 1999 he reached the semifinale in the International Vibraphone Competition from Clermont-Ferrand. Two years later (2001) he won the Yamaha Scholarship for percussion.

Alexandru was employed by Giurgiu Philharmonic Orchestra and The National Opera Orchestra from Bucharest and he collaborated with the Radio Chamber Orchestra. He is currently member of the National Radio Orchestra Bucharest, participating in four editions of the George Enescu International Festival. His professional training and capacity to understand music were only two of the reason he was invited to jury important competitions (The National Percussion Competition, Bucharest, 2003, Mihail Jora Competition, Bucharest, 2001).

Alexandru Anastasiu graduated in 2000 and has a Master in Music Performance (2002) at the National Music University from Bucharest in 2000. His achievements place him as the best in his generation. He shared his musical knowledge with the younger students while working as a teaching assistant at the same University where he graduated.

Alexandru also plays with well known jazz bands such as Marius Popp Band, Nicolas Simion and The Wild Dogs, Andrea Pauta Band, Pedro Negrescu, performing in National Festivals and other jazz events.  Alexandru improved his technique and musical knowledge by attending master classes with Bogdan Bacanu and Peter Sadlo in Mozarteum University, Salzburg (2006). Starting with 2007 Alexandru is a PhD student at the University of Music Bucharest.

Even from his university years, Alexandru Anastasiu has been involved in different projects  - mainly musical, but also syncretic,  bringing music, theater and dance together.

Official website, here.


Sanda Crăciun-Popa

Sanda Crăciun-Popa studied viola with Jeanine Costescu in highschool, then with Valeriu Pituac at the National University of Music in Bucharest. His father, Petre Crăciun, a renowned conductor and conducting teacher, opens up new perspectives on her regarding music performing and music aesthetics. Since 1973, she is member of the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra in Bucharest, having the privilege of playing in the series of concerts held by Sergiu Celibidache – a profound infuence on her. She is one of the founders and solo viola of the Quodlibet Musicum Chamber Orchestra, together with Aurelian-Octav Popa (1977). In 1980 she founded the old music ensemble Consortium Violae – with this ensemble she gave numeroud concerts, made numerous Radio and TV recordings, as well as several LPs published by Electrecord: Wonders of the Baroque, Dowland-Palestrina, The Recaptured Time (written by Myriam Marbe especially for her and for Consortium Violae).

Together with Aurelian – Octav Popa, soloist and conductor of the Constanţa Symphonic Orchestra, Sanda Crăciun-Popa played as soloist in a great tour in Germany. With this occasion, they formed an extremely appreciated duo, for which many Romanian composers have wrote works. Their first CD, Romania Today (Sonoton-München) was very successful, being republished several times and chosen as one of the best CDs of the year 1997 by DRS Switzerland. More CDs followed: Magic Musical Moments, Reversing fields, Musique des Spheres, recordings on composer profile CDs (Dan Dediu, Violeta Dinescu, Sabin Păutza). The duo is permanently invited to take part in large art exhibitions.

Sanda Crăciun-Popa teached viola as an associate professor at the Ovidius University in Constanta and at the National University of Music in Bucharest. Her repertoire covers all styles from Renaissance to contemporary music, including works written especially for her or her own viola arrangements. Since 2009 she has a PhD in Music, with the dissertation The Viola between Tradition and Inovation.

Duo with Aurelian-Octav Popa

Concerts in Bucharest and all main cities in Romania, as well as international tours.

Festivals: Musik Sommer Baden Baden – 1994/1996, Bach Festival Heidelberg – 1995/1996, Documenta X Kassel – 1999, Musik Sommer Festival MDR Lepzig – 1996, Festival des Fôrets – 1996, Musica Rara Festival Erfurt – 1996, Series of big clarinetists Lincoln Center New York – 1999,  New Jersey – 1999, Houston University – 1999, Festival do Acores – 1999, the first edition of Visual Arts Fair, Bucharest 1999, several editions of the International Week of New Music, Bucharest.

Events: special guests of the UNITER Gala (Bucharest)  in 1999; special guests of the Chamber Music Festival in Sighişoara (Romania), 2001; America Alive Gala, 2001; Artists for artists Gala, 2003;  Christmas for All Gala, the Romanian Atheneum, Bucharest, 2003; the Lucian Blaga Poetry Festival, Sebeş Alba, 2001; The Titu Maiorescu Literary Meetings,  Tescani – 2001/2002/2003; the Arfa concert series – Music, an Adventure,  Goethe Institut, Bucharest 2003.

Museum (guests): the George Enescu Museum; the National Art Museum in Romania, Bucharest; the Art Museum, Constanta; The Brancovan Palace of Mogosoaia; museums in Germany (Manheim, Baden-Baden, Frankfurt);  Casa Mateus, Portugal;  Chateau Imperial and the Franco-American Museum,  Compiègne, France.

Exhibitions of great Romanian artists (guests): Marin Gherasim, Corneliu Vasilescu, Ion and Ariana Nicodim (the „Dalla terra all’opera, la forza delle radici” exhibition, Vicenza, Padova, Mogoşoaia), Angela Tomaselli, Alin Gheorghiu, Ana Maria Smighelski, Cela Nemţu, Lucia Puşcaşu, Nicolae Flondor, Wanda Sachelarie, Bogdana Contras, Carmen Marin.

Resident artists at: the Brahms House, Baden Baden, 1996; the „George Enescu” Memorial House, Tescani (Romania), 2002; the Panaci Creative Camp, Romania 2009.

Cultural Institutes (guests): Bucharest, Paris, New York, Tel Aviv, Berlin.