Ruxandra Arzoiu

Ruxandra Arzoiu, born in 1961 in Bucharest, is a graduate of the National University of Music in Bucharest, the Musicology section, Bucharest 1984. She has been a member of the Romanian Union of Composer and Musicologists since 1990. She has had a Ph D in Musicology since 1999. Ruxandra Arzoiu is currently a producer for the Musical Department of the Romanian National Radio (since 1990), doing programs about contemporary music, universal and Romanian, as well as about the interference of arts, the word-music relation, etc.

Her significant volumes are: Mihail Andricu – monography: Muzica, Bucharest, 1999; Romanian Chamber Opera, Muzica, Bucharest, 2002; Into Mahler’s symphonies universe – interviews with the composer Aurel Stroe: Muzica, Bucharest,2003; Viorel Cosma – monography: Muzica, Bucharest, 2005; Cultural paradigms in Aurel Stroe’s musical works: Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest 2007.

She publishes in music and general culture journals  in Romania, such as “Romania libera”, “Actualitatea muzicala”, “Romania Literara”, etc.

Studies about contemporary music: “Musical folclor as a vehicle?” - Serbian Musicology Society, Belgrad 2008; “”George Enescu” International Musicology Symposium”: Muzica, Bucharest 2007; “Aurel Stroe and the musical european tradition”: Glissando, UNMB, 2011; “George Enescu-another kind of portret” in Zwischen Zeiten und Welten‏, Oldenburg, Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, 2011,  “Muzica” journal.

Awards: The “Mihai Moldovan” Prize, awarded by UNCER  for the broadcasting program: Stylistic coordinates in XX centurys music, 1992; the  Prize of Musical Critics for achieving outstanding radio programs , 1995; the Prize of Cultural Radio Channel for  Creativity , originality in radio programs, 1998; the Prize of the Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists, for the book Cultural paradigms in Aurel Stroe’s musical works, 2007; the ” Cultural Merit” Order in rank of Knight, B category „Music”, 2008.


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