Maia Ciobanu

Director of the Contemporary Music Information Center (1995-2003), President of the Romanian section of the ISCM (2002-2003), founder and chief editor of the “Contemporary Music-Romanian Newsletter”, Maia Ciobanu is an associate professor at the National University for Theater and Film in Bucharest and senior lecturer at the Spiru Haret University. She was asked to conference about her music in Gothenburg Music Academy, St. Gallen University, Wuppertal Music Academy; she published articles, studies, essays and realised broadcasting programms about contemporary music.

Ph.D. in Music with a thesis about the sound-mouvement relationship in the choreographic show; the George Enescu Prize of the Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Romanian Composers’ Union Prize, the Medal for the artistic schievements awarded by the President of Romania.

The works of Maia Ciobanu cover the different musical areas: symphonic, vocal-symphonic, chamber, vocal, electronic and stage music. The composer proposes new musical and multimedia genres, usually included in cycles like in the case of the Journals, Commentaries, Nr. 273,16  or the Elite Manifesto cycle.

In the same time she organises an original sincretic concept in which the word, the movement and the image are the wings of the leading sound dominating the finale significance of the artistic text (see Just passing through…, Hortus Domini magnum est, Das ist nicht ein Streichquartett  or the Elite Manifesto 1).

Her aesthetics is influenced by the “library” concept of Borges and has profound afinities with the Gaudi’s techniques and way of thinking.

The result is the disponibility of using our inner library, the coherence induced by the fluency of the matter and expression, the trust in the unconventional born globalising and transcending all the conventions, in more ways of communicating and discovering the spiritual and emotional Ourselves. In a confused and cultural hostile world Maia Ciobanu affirms the importance of the Elite, the reality of the Significance.

MUSIC: The Sleeping Muse