Aurel Stroe

Aurel Stroe (b. 1932,Bucharest – d. 2008,Mannheim) studied at the National University of Music in Bucharest with, among others, Mihail Andricu, Marţian Negrea, Theodor Rogalski. He attended the Darmstadt courses (1966-69) and, at the invitation of the Government of the USA, visited several American universities (1968) in order to learn more about computer assisted music. He was resident composer in West Berlin (DAAD) between 1972-1973. He taught orchestration and composition at the Bucharest University, as well as several others (the Unversity of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Strasbourg) and at summer courses such as Darmstadt (1986-92) or Buşteni. Since 1986 he had lived in Mannheim. Aurel Stroe’s main interest was morphogenetic music and he developed compositions with several tuning systems regarded as incommensurable cultural paradigms.


He has lectured, and published essays in scientific papers in Romania and abroad (France, Austria, Germany), radio and television.

He published studies, essays, articles, interviews: Music, Twentieth Century, Contemporary, Literary Romania, Tribune (Cluj), Music News, etc.

MUSIC: Clarinet Concerto