Corneliu Cezar

Corneliu Cezar became remarkable after 1960 (breaking out from the proletarian cult).He was a fore runner of post-modernism in Romanian context. He is now considered rather a visionary of music than a producer of acoustic masterpieces. In the ‘60 he sustained and prophesied a new musical direction rediscovering the natural resonance of the sound within a different historical context – the idea of spectral music was going to materialize itself in Romanian tradition. After 1980 the artistic phenomena has no longer interested him. He took more distance of the ideal of skill, originality and aesthetic refinement accomplishment. After 1970 Cezar fought for the cause of recovering “the state of rendition” in music (musical expressiveness) and the composing manner he called “the organ of styles” – polistylism. Cezar imposed the theory of sonology – as means of applying music therapy. (Cristina Uruc)