Ana-Maria Avram

Born in 1961 in Bucharest, Romania, Ana-Maria Avram studied composition at the National University of Music in Bucharest (1980-1985) and musical aesthetics at Sorbonne, Paris (DEA in 1992). In 1994 she was awarded the Great Prize of the Romanian Academy. Since 1988 she is a Member of Hyperion Ensemble from Bucharest – group of composers and interpreters representing a new, experimentalist and innovative direction in Romanian music. She realized a lot of European tours, as well as conductor and composer.
Her music incorporates the outward semblences of abstraction of archetypal sound, achieving its full development in the synthesis of electroacoustic and instrumental sources. Her main works are: «Threnia I-II», «Orbit of Eternal Grace», for orchestra and soloists, «Ekagrata», «Swarms», «Seconde Axe», «Ec-Statoc Crickets», for chamber orchestra, «De Sacrae Lamentationem», «In Nomine Lucis», for large orchestra, «Zodiaque I-IV», «Notturno I-II», «Labyrinthe I-III», «Signum Gemini», «Ikarus I-IV», «Traces, Sillons, Sillages», «Doryphories», «New Arcana», «Ascent» – electronic & instrumental music, «Archae», «Metaboles», «Axe», «Quatre études d’ombre», «Ikarus-Kronos Quartet», «Assonant I-III» – instrumental and chamber musics, «Horridas Nostrae Mentis Purga Tenebras», «Novel Archae» – computer assisted music.

Her music is published by Edition Modern (London), Electrecord (Bucharest), Editura Muzicala (Bucharest), Artgallery (Paris), ReR Megacorp (London), Musicworks (Toronto), Bananafish (Los Angeles). Her music was performed in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Stanford, in Vienna (in the Wien Modern Festival in 1992 and 1994) at Paris (several times at «Radio France» and «Theatre de la Ville»), in London (at Royal Festival Hall), Nancy, Allicante, Lisbon, Baden-Baden, Darmstadt, Moscow, Belgrade etc. Ana-Maria Avram’s  music was commissioned by prestigious ensembles such as Kronos Quartet (San Francisco) «20 Jahrhundert» from Vienna, soloists from l’Orchestre National de France, orchestras as Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra, Romanian National Orchestra, Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra, L’Orchestre de Chambre de Roumanie, Radio-France, CCMIX, Ars Nova Ensemble, Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique Bourges.  «On the Abolition of the Soul» – a Radio France commission – was released on a double CD- Radio France, as an anthology of Prix Italia since 1949.

Founder and director, with Iancu Dumitrescu, of the International Fezstival of Electronic andc Computer Music ”Acousmania” Bucharest, – in partnership with Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation, ”Musica Nova” International festival (Ploiesti), Spectrum XXI 5-(Paris), Siberfest 2007 (Sibiu).Founder of the Romanian Community of Electronic and Computer Music (2004). Vice-President of CIME (Intenational Cummunity of Electronic Music – UNESCO). Musicological contributions in ”Musica”- Bucharest, ”Bananafish”- Los Angeles, ”Musicworks” – Toronto, ”Roumanie, Terre du neuvième ciel” – Bucarest, Axis Mundi, 1992. & CREMAC- 2006 – in collaboration with Harry Halbreich. (source)

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