Cornelia Tăutu

Cornelia Tăutu (born 1938) is a Romanian composer best known for film soundtracks.  Passionate about music from a very early age, she studied at the National University of Music in Bucharest, where she has a double specialization: music pedagogy and composition. She studied composition with Mihail Jora, Aurel Stroe and Anatol Vieru. She worked at the Institute for  Ethnology and Folklore “Constantin Brailoiu” of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest. Tăutu has written works including: Divertisment folcloric; Coralia for children’s chorus and orchestra; Rota for chamber ensemble; De Doi (The Two) for viola and cello (1994). Her music has been recorded and issued on CD including: Romanian Women Composers 2, Musica Nova and The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation, 2006;MARIN CONSTANTIN, Electrecord; Romania Today (June 30, 1998) by Dinescu, Dediu, Stroe, Brumariu, et al., Pro Viva (Ger), ASIN: B000007TAJ.

Tăutu has composed music for films including: 1992 Ramînerea; 1988 Drumet în calea lupilor; 1988 The Moromete Family; 1987 Cetatea ascunsa; 1987 Zloty pociag1983 Caruta cu mere; 1983 Impossible Love; 1980 Dumbrava minunata; 1978 Actiunea Autobuzul; 1978 Buzduganul cu trei peceti; 1978 Together Again; 1975 Patima

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