Şerban Nichifor

Şerban Nichifor (born in Bucharest, Romania, 25 August 1954) is a Romanian composer and music educator. He is Professor at the National University of Music, Bucharest (Chamber Music Department); Member of UCMR (Romania), SABAM (Belgium), ECPMN (Holland); Vice-president of the ROMANIA-BELGIUM Association; Cellist of the Duo INTERMEDIA and co-director of the NUOVA MUSICA CONSONANTE-LIVING MUSIC FOUNDATION(USA) Festival – with Liana Alexandra. He is also a member of Vox Novus.

Studies: National University of Music Bucharest, Doctor in Musicology; University of Bucharest (Theology Faculty). International courses at Darmstadt, Weimar, Breukelen and Munchen; USIA Stipendium (USA).

Composition prizes at: Amsterdam, Tours, Athens, Urbana-Illinois, Evian, Toledo, Trento, Roma, Bydgoszcz, Köln, Karlsruhe, Newtown-Wales, Birmingham-Alabama. Comandor of the “Merit National Order” (2000). Works published at: Editura Muzicala (Bucharest), Edition Modern (Munchen), “Pro musica Studium”(Roma), “Quadrivium Music Press” (New York), “Mnemes” (Palermo).

Nichifor is the widower of Romanian musician and composer Liana Alexandra.

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