Diana Gheorghiu

Diana Gheorghiu (1979 –) began her study in composition with Irinel Anghel (prior to her University admission) and continued with Octavian Nemescu, at the National University of Music – Bucharest, where she has a PhD in music, with the dissertation “Genuine versus original in Romanian music, starting with the second half of the 20th century”. During the academic period, she won various prizes on national composition competitions and she also received several international scholarships for new music workshops (Dimitri Terzakis and Aurel Stroe). Beside her master’s degree in music composition, she also got specialized in project management and public relations (she has a master’s degree in PR and Communication at the National School of Political Science and Public Administration – SNSPA, Bucharest). Part of her works are commissioned by prestigious institutes such as British Council, Ernst von Siemens Foundation, UCIMR – the Romanian Musicians Association of Performers’ Creation and are being performed on various concerts and festivals in Europe and Asia. 

Diana Gheorghiu’s recent interest in composition is linked to her PhD research and it focuses on exploring a psychoanalytical approach in music, grafted on a personal esthetic – the never ending memory, in correspondence with the captive shadow technique – which she also discovered. She is a member of UCMR – the Romanian Composers and Musicologists Union and ARFA – the Romanian Association of Women in Art. 

Since 2002, her name is linked to Exces Music (where she is employed as PR Manager), a Romanian arts agency founded by her husband, Sebastian Gheorghiu – an active and enthousiastic supporter of the Romanian culture. Since 2003, she is constantly involved in organizing a wide range of cultural projects, amog which the annual ICon Arts Academy and Festival in Sibiu (Transylvania) – one of the most important international contemporary arts independent events in Eastern Europe. 


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