Sabina Ulubeanu

Sabina was born in Bucharest, on the 3rd of August, 1979. She began her musical studies at the age of 5, studied piano at the George Enescu Music Highschool and then Composition at the National Music University of Bucharest, with Tiberiu Olah and Doina Rotaru (Master in 2004). In 2001/2002 she studied composition with Violeta Dinescu at the Oldenburg University in Germany and in 2011 she completed her PhD studies with the thesis „The Function of Memory in the Construction of Musical Time”.

Sabina Ulubeanu is an active presence on Romanian and international stage. Her works, chamber music, multimedia or symphonic, are being performed in Romania and abroad (France, Germany, US, Lithuania, Italy, Belgium , Austria etc). and received national and international prizes. About her music, the composer writes: To write music is for me a necessity, a must. I need to express myself, my feelings, and my emotions. So, my music is first of all  intimate and subjective, my vision of the world.

Sabina Ulubeanu is also a photographer, exhibiting her images in Bucharest, Lisbon, Vienna. In her photography, she approaches strange, intimate spaces, building warm connections with human subjects and reflecting her own feelings on reality. She is interested in bringing together space, time and memory elements that unify the music and the visual arts. Her recent works combine the two, adding to the music strong visual support. The last project, Farben der Zeit, Wien, Steinway Haus, March 2011, was a chamber music concert interlaced with a photo exhibition. In April 2011, Sabina Ulubeanu, together with fellow composer Diana Rotaru, began orchestrating an older dream, the InnerSound New Arts Festival Bucharest, which had its first edition this year, between 28-30 August 2012.

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