Liviu Glodeanu

The talented Liviu Glodeanu, born in Cluj, in 1938, unfortunately passed away before his 40th anniversary, in 1978 in Bucharest. He studied at the Music Academy in Cluj (1955-57) and at the National University of Music in Bucharest, with Martian Negrea. He worked as a music teacher (1961-63), as a scientific researcher at the Institute of Ethnomusicology and Folklore “Constantin Brailoiu” in Bucharest (1961062) and then at the “George Enescu” Philharmonic in Bucharest.

He published various studies and essays and his musical compositions received important awards from the Union of Composers and from the Romanian Academy. A proeminent figure of his generation, Glodeanu established himself, in his short life span, as one of the most important voices in Romanian music after 1950.

The depth of his modern view is a constant trait in all his music: theater and film music, opera (“Zamolxe”, 1969), ballet-opera (“Ulysses”, 1972), vocal-symphonic works (the “A land called Romania” oratory, 1977), symphonic works (“Studies for Orchestra”, 1967; “Symphonies for winds”, 1971), concerts, chamber works (2 string quartets; “Inventions” for wind quartet and percussions, 1963), choral (“Incantation” for mixt choir, flute, clarinet and percussion, 1965; “Sabaracalina” for mixt choir, 1973) and vocal works. (source)

MUSIC on internet: 3rd String Quartet