Ana Chifu

Ana Chifu, one of the most active and recognized performers and supporters to promote the classical and new-modern music in Romania, Greece and throughout Europe, Ana Chifu studied flute in Bucharest, in Dortmund, Germany and Paris, having won seven international and national awards and prizes. Her concert activity brought her in countries like France, Holland, Germany, Poland, India, Korea, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria and Greece.

Ana has collaborated with the Athens Symphony Orchestra as principal flute. She has worked in the educational program of the Greek National Opera House“Opera Interactive in Primary Schools” throughout elementary schools in all the Greek territory. She has collaborated with the Greek Radio Symphony OrchestraΚαμεράτα Ορχήστρα των Φίλων της Μουσικής/ Armonia Atenea and the Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra “George Enescu”. She was a member of the Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra of Bucharest and is a member of the contemporary music ensembles Profil-Sinfonietta, Propuls, devotion Moderna,, InterArt and SonoMania. Ana is a founding member of the Syncretic group of contemporary arts seduCant, creating and taking part in interactive multimedia shows both as a musician (flute, percussion) and as a dancer.

Ana played solo concerts with the Orchestre de Flytes Français, the Concerto Orchestra, Lyceum Strings Orchestra and Profil-Sinfonietta. She has been invited in famous contemporary music festivals such as International Festival of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn” – Poland, International Week of New Music– Romania, Meridian Festival- Romania, Hilltown New Music Festival– Ireland, “Tom Johnson” Festival- Germany, the Festival of Contemporary Music Happoman (Masan, South Korea).

In 2012 obtained her doctorate degree from the National University of Music in Bucharest, receiving “summa cum laude” (highest) praise, writing about the music of the 20th and 21st century. The book is in the process of publication.

Recently, Ana invited to ARFA (Romanian Association of women in Art) and is now an active member.

Future performances include recitals and chamber music concerts in Switzerland and Austria, as well as solo performances with orchestra in India.

Ana is an active member (in activities such as in India, Fukushima-Japan, Greece, Amazon, Sierra Leone and other parts of the world) of the non-profit organization Keys of Change. Keys of Change is a charitable organization made up of people with different backgrounds who believe deeply that playing and sharing music can make this world a better place. Founded in 2011 to promote the improvement and upgrading of the lives of children and youth around the world through music education and access to live performances of classical music.

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