Antifonia Choir

In 1969, Constantin Rîpă founded the Antifonia choir, a choir specialized in performing contemporary music that has had a very rich activity in Cluj-Napoca and other major cities in Romania. The tours they made, the festivals, contests and the Radio and T.V. recordings transformed Antifonia into the first laboratory, the first contemporary music workshop in Cluj, both for Romanian and foreign music.  

In 1979 Antifonia started its international activity, participating in the most outstanding competitions and festivals and eventually achieving 12 international prizes. These awards brought not only worldwide acknowledgement, but also invitations to the most important international festivals, as well as Radio and TV recordings in Belgium, Germany, France and Austria. 

The choir was invited to sing most difficult contemporary scores. Thus, in festivals like Wien Modern, Musique d’Aujourd’hui – Strassbourg, Chaise-Dieu – France, Wiener Musiksommer, Cluj Modern, Modern Music Festival in Bucharest (Romania), Antifonia interpreted impressive musical works like: Nekuia – Iannis Xenakis, Requiem – Alois Zimmermann, Requiem – Gyorgy Ligeti, Grande Messe des Morts – Hector Berlioz, Fragende Ode – Mauricio Kagel, In Cauda – Franco Donatoni, Und Gott der Herr Sprach – Francisc Burt, IX-th Symphony – L.van Beethoven, Janne d’Arc au Bucher –Anton Honneger, Canti di LIberatine – Luigi DallaPiccola, Coram Requiem – Ivan Fedele, The sevengates of Jerusalem – Krisztoff Penderecki. For these works, Antifonia cooperated with the Philarmonic Orchestra ofBratislaw, the Radio France Orchestra, the 20 Yahrhundert, Ensemble of Vienna, the Symphoniker of Vienna, the Philarmonic Orchestra of Basel, the National Orchestra of Lyon, the Philarmonic Orchestra of Cluj, the Radio Symphonic Orchestra of Bucharest, the Hua XiaChamber Ensemble from Beijing. 

The concerts were conducted by personalities like Rafael Frübeck de Burgos, Peter Burwik, Zoltan Pesko, Richard Edhinger, Alain Lombard, Yehudi Menuhin, Gheorghe Costin, Walter Haupt.