Bucharest Winds

Bucharest Winds ensemble (former “Ars Ventus”) has enjoyed the attention of important musical institutions right from the start. The National Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Radio Orchestra, the Pitești Philharmonic, the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists, the “George Enescu”  National Museum, the Focşani Chamber Orchestra, the Botoşani Philharmonic or the “Clasic e fantastic” Foundation are just some of the partners with whom Bucharest Winds performed in various concerts. Designed with the stated purpose of promoting music for wind instruments, Bucharest Winds aimed from the beginning for diversifying instrumental combinations as to include as many chamber genres and species as possible.

Artists who contributed to Bucharest Winds projects are leading soloists of orchestras such as the National Radio Symphony Orchestra – Bucharest, the “George Enescu” Philharmonic – Bucharest, the Romanian National Opera – Bucharest, the “Moldova” Philharmonic – Iași, the Pitești Philharmonic, the “Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic – Ploieşti. Among the praised conductors who have led the ensemble:  Tiberiu Soare, David Crescenzi, Vincent Grüger and Cristian Brâncuși.

In 2013 Bucharest Winds initiated, in partnership with the Romanian Union of Composers and Musicologists and the National “George Enescu” Museum, a project to promote Romanian modern and contemporary music for wind instruments. The project consists in cataloguing over 500 relevant titles and gradually recording these works.

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