Eugen Wendel

Composer Eugen Wendel was born on December l8, 1934 in Valea Rea, Romania. He studied in Bucharest at the Technical University (electronics, acoustics and electroacoustics) and at the Music Academy – the current National University of Music (composition). He has a doctoral degree in aesthetics and science of arts at the University PanthéonSorbonne, Paris. Besides composing, Eugen Wendel was also a sound engineer at the Electrecord recording label in Bucharest. He also contributed and researched as a musicologist in the domains of room acoustics and the acoustics of musical instruments. He has frequenty collaborated with performers while investigating about new instrumental technics.

Eugen Wendel has been living in Germany since 1975 and has a German nationality. He is member of the Society of German Composers and of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists. He was an engeneer and producer at Radio societies, first at Deutschlandfunk and then, since 1977, at West German Radio (WDR) in Cologne.

He has written works for a solo instrument (with or without tape or electroacoustic transformations), collaborating, as mentioned, with various performers; works for various chamber music ensembles, also with voice (soloist or as part of a  choir); works for symphonic orchestra. His pieces are performed in concerts and festivals, as well as recorded by different Radio societies and published on CDs.

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