Fernando Mihalache

Fernando Mihalache ( born May 31, 1979) is a well-known Romanian accordion player. He begun to study the accordion at the age of 7 and also studied pan flute at the Dinu Lipatti Music Highschool. He then studied composition at the National Music University in Bucharest, where he’s been closely guided by his teachers,  Liviu Danceanu and Dan Dediu (Master in 2005). He completed his PhD studies in 2011, the title of the dissertation being Romanian Film Music.

As a member, Fernando has been playing with local prestigious ensembles like Traffic Strings, Accord Vibes or Maxim Quartet, teaching as well accordion within the National Music University in Bucharest.

He is among few of the Romanian accordion players to be able to perform successfully in musicals and jazz shows but also in chamber recitals. His remarkable skills allowed him to approach quite a variety of musical styles and genres.

Fernando Mihalache was invited to perform in 2011 Edition of the George Enescu Festival in Romania.