George Balint

George Balint (b. 1961) graduated from the National University of Music in Bucharest (1986), at the Composition department of Prof. Stefan Niculescu, specializing in Orchestra Conducting with Iosif Conta,Constantin Bugeanu and Cristian Brâncuşi, when after a period of study with professor Cristian Brâncuşi, he obtains a M.A. degree (2001). Later on, he is granted the distinction “Doctor of Music” for the paper “Theoretical perspectives on the interpretative musical performance”. G. Balint is currently conductor at the National Operetta Theatre in Bucharest.
The music of George Balint has either traces of folkloric ethos – highlighted by means of rhythm, or by means of colors of a more abstract nature – sounding harmoniously. “I often suggest a world in which the main component is the nostalgia, in a way that, by avoiding contemplation, highlights the drama of the actual state of mind. There is always a minimum interval between the given time and the future of finalizing a journey of sounds, that, in my opinion, is nothing but a metaphor of Being. The poetic feature is the general aspect of my entire musical composition so far.”

MUSIC: 12 Blows