OPUS Association (Cătălin Creţu – Chairman) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 2000 by a number of alumni of the National University of Music in Bucharest. Its members – composers and musicologists – have been an outstanding group of undergraduate students with numerous initiatives in the field of music. Publishing a musicology journal (a premiere for the National University of Music), as well as other music publications (dictionaries, textbooks, programme notes), organizing concerts for students and for teachers, and the members’ own professional interests, prompted the idea of creating an organized structure, focused on implementing these activities. Over the years, the members of the organization gained experience through doctoral programmes, master-classes, grants (in Romania, Germany, France, Finland). This contributed to the desire to extend their range of activities (and, implicitly, that of OPUS Association), by means of interdisciplinary programmes encompassing music, dance, visual arts, puppet theatre, and literature, and by collaborating with external partners.

Since 2012 OPUS Association is the main organizer of InnerSound International New Arts Festival.

The purpose of the organisation:

Supporting and encouraging Romanian musicians – performers, composers, musicologists, conductors, teachers, students – in order to promote Romanian culture, as well as new art, on a national, European, and international scale.

Cooperating with other Romanian and European institutions, associations, and organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, from all artistic and cultural sectors.

Issuing specialized publications and promotional material, organizing meetings, symposia, workshops, master-classes, participating in radio and TV broadcasts, as well as in any activity that would help disseminate new art.

Studying the specific realities of the music sector and offering viable solutions to its problems.

Elaborating and endorsing proposals of cultural politics in the new arts and supporting new legislation in order to improve the musician’s status.

Building a material base and a database necessary for the Association’s optimal performance.

Executing promotional tasks, undertaking artist management functions, networking with similar organizations from Romania and abroad.

Organizing workshops, summer schools, seminars, student exchanges, know-how transfers, concerts, festivals, and musical competitions.