Sâmbăta Sonoră

SAMBATA SONORA is a program aimed at developing local appreciation for music research and performance in the fields of contemporary music, free improvisation, sound experiment, radio art and sound poetry.
SAMBATA SONORA consists of public events organized by Jumatatea plina (“Half Full”) cultural association with the support of diverse institutional partners. Since 2009, more than 40 live performances, listening sessions, conferences and workshops have been presented for venues like the Music Academy, Enescu Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum, the National Dance Center, but also a park and a bar. Their events attract a dedicated public (100+ in average), enjoy media coverage, and often provide the first chance for foreign artists to meet a Romanian public.

Partnering organizations for past events include: l’Institut Francais de Bucarest, Goethe Institute, Czech Centre, Arte, Romanian Broadcasting Corporation.

For more info, please see the official blog (in Romanian).