SeduCânt is a syncretic group whose experimental endeavours started in 2010. Its members aim at changing the general perception on contemporary art, particularly on art music, through various multimedia projects that mix audio, video and choreographic elements. SeduCânt promotes a modern type of performer, who uses all the expressive means in reach, be it instrument, body movement, voice, or facial gesture – an already well-established standard on the international music scene. The interdisciplinary approach also applies to the actual genesis of the projects, as all ideas are discussed and developed by all members of the group.

SeduCânt has participated in a number of contemporary music festivals: Meridian (Bucharest, December 2010), SIMN (Bucharest, 2011- 2012), Cluj Modern (Cluj-Napoca, 2011), JazzAndMore (Sibiu, 2011), InnerSound International New Music Festival (Bucharest, 2012). The group has already established itself as an active and appreciated promoter of contemporary arts in Romania. The group members are: Ana Chifu (flute/dance), Maria Chifu (bassoon/dance), Lucian Martin (choreography/dancer), Diana Rotaru (composer), Mihai Cucu (video art). Shows: “Onde, Ondine” (2010), “Icarynth” (2011), “SerpenS” (2012), “Sonic Woods” (work in progress, 2013).

Official website, here. Facebook page, here.