Trio Aperto

Trio APERTO was founded in 1990 by Dolores Chelariu – piano, harpsichord, organ; Ladislau Csendes – violin, viola, viola d’amore and  Dan Avramovici – clarinets, saxophones. The ensemble participated in international festivals and toured in Germany , Italy , Spain , Poland , Hungary , Yugoslavia , Egypt, while  opening gates to Romanian contemporary music. The enthusiast press reviews favoured the development of the ensemble’s career.
Since 1994, APERTO has also performed in enlarged formulas as a quartet, quintet and chamber orchestra. Their repertoire includes works by renowned contemporary composers – Joji Yuasa, Gyorgy Kurtag, Francis Burt, Anatol Vieru, Tiberiu Olah, Aurel Stroe, Stefan Niculescu, Doina Rotaru – all composer who directly collaborated with the ensemble.

Official website, here.