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International Week of New Music – Bucharest 2016

International Week of New Music –Bucharest, May 23-29, 2016

Artistic director: Dan Dediu


Central Concept of the Festival: Limits…and Beyond!

The Four Thematic Eutopias:

1. Ulysses – Beyond Tradition

Ullyses is the traveller, the wanderer, the eternal migrant. He has to find always new ideas, to experiment and to bet on originality. ULYSSES-Eutopia is open to adventure.

2. Gulliver – Beyond Culture

Gulliver is the history’s eye and critic. He defies this reality and opens the world of the possible. GULLIVER-Eutopia is open to virtual worlds and stories.

3. Nirvana – Beyond Self

NIRVANA is the Eutopia of fusion the Self with the Universe. Dis-bordering the Self through sacrality and ritual opens the realm of communion and mistery.

4. Matrix – Beyond Nature

Matrix is the apostle of a posthuman world. He is modulating the human being and gives it hi-tech strength. Bio-technological synergy spans from free improvisation to perfect algorhythm. MATRIX-Eutopia is open to Apocalypse.

Sunday, 22nd May    


Nirvana – Beyond Self


UNMB, ”George Enescu” Hall, 19.00h

MaXeMa Trio

Matthias Ziegler (flutes)

 Xenia Schindler (harp)

Marius Ungureanu (viola)

Toru Takemitsu: And Then I Knew ‘Twas Wind

Alfred Zimmerlin: Nachtstundenstücke

Dan Dediu: Trio op.87 (p.a.r.)

1. Theme complexe

2. Marbre  – étude d’accords et gammes nr. 1

3.“Sind das Vögel? Ihre Stimmen sind überall.” - Prélude in memoriam André Scrima

4. Canon 1: aenigmaticus a 3, cancrizans (ascendit per tertia minore)

5. “The serpent grew, casting its scales” – étude d’accords et gammes nr. 2

6. Canon 2: rhythmique, cancrizans, per augmentationem, sul Perpetuum Mobile per Viola

7. Lettre d’amour avec des larmes passiflores

8. Theme Simple

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia

Monday, 23rd May                   


Gulliver – Beyond Culture



UCMR Hall, 17.00h

Bianca Manoleanu (soprano)

Remus Manoleanu (piano)

Pascal Bentoiu: Incandescences (verses by Alexandru Miran) (1977)

1. “Cunoasterea…/ “The Knowledge”

2. “Piatra peste piatra…” / “Stone over stone…”

3. “M-am desprins…” / “I’ve broken free…”

4. De ce?…” / “Why?…”

Cornel Țãranu: Siciliana-Blues (2016) – W.P.

Ede Terenyi: fragments from the Carmina Bianca cycle (Latin text) (1991):

1. Nobis Sancti Spiritus

2. O, Pacis Angeli

3. Amare, Amare Non Est Grave

4. O, Jesule! Dulcedo Cordium

Theodor Grigoriu: Poets and the Abyss of Time (1993)

1. “La steaua” (lyrics by Mihai Eminescu)

2. “Drum spre abis” / “Road towards the Abyss” (l. by Lucian Blaga)

3. “Clipa genezei” / “The Time of Genesis (l. by Ion Barbu)

4. “Inserata dimineata” / “Dusk Morning” (l. by Tudor Arghezi)

5. “Zbor deasupra valurilor” / “Flight over the Waves” (l. by M. Eminescu)

6. “La steaua” (l. by M. Eminescu)


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


UNMB, ”George Enescu” Hall, 19.00h

Concerto Orchestra of UNMB

Bogdan Vodã (conductor), Mikko Raasakka (bass clarinet)

Vlad Baciu: Carmin (f.p.)

Adina Dumitrescu: As they met me – Concerto for bass clarinet and orchestra (f.p.)

Tiberiu Olah: Symphony No.1

In collaboration with The National University of Music in Bucharest


Matrix – Beyond Nature


UNMB, ”Auditorium” Hall, 21.00h 

Matthias Ziegler (flutes)

Toshio Hosokawa: Vertical Song for flute solo

Heinz Holliger: Lied for flute solo

Matthias Ziegler: Ave Kingma for Alto Flute; Stop’n'Go for Bass Flute; Contrabasics for Contrabass Flute; Recercada Primera; La Rusna; Maschad

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia


Tuesday, 24th May


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


UNMB, ”George Enescu” Hall, 17.00h

Marius Ungureanu (viola)

feat. Verona Maier (piano) and Alexandru Matei (percussion)

Wolf von Aichelburg: Sonata for viola and piano

Alfred Zimmerlin: at the still point, there the dance is for viola solo

Edison Denisov: Es ist genug. Variationen über das Choralthema von J. S. Bach for viola and piano

Luciano Berio: Naturale for viola, percussion and tape


Following event: Launch of the “21st Century” Magazine – Wolf Aichelburg and the Sibiu Literary Circle. Speakers: Alina Ledeanu, Marius Ungureanu, Dan Dediu.

In collaboration with the “21st Century” Foundation


Matrix – Beyond Nature


UNMB, Opera and Multimedia Studio, 19.00h

VisEle Gam – Visual-Electro-Game

GAME Percussion Ensemble, conductor Alexandru Matei 

Visual Artist: Alexandru Patatics

Dan Bujor (light design), Dan Alexandru (sound engineer), Cãtãlin Crețu (live electronics)

Sebastian Androne: Stone’s Yearning (W.P)

Cãtãlin Crețu: Fragmentarium (W.P)

Mihai Mãniceanu: Mishiba (W.P.)

Mihai Murariu: Hypernova (W.P)

Adina Sibianu: Untuned patterns (W.P.)

A production of the Electroacoustic and Multimedia Music Center of the National University of Music in Bucharest


Wednesday, 25th May

New Europe College, 17.00h

Nietzsche versus Wagner, Wagner versus Nietzsche – Lecture by Prof. Dr. Karol Berger (Stanford University/ SUA)

In collaboration with New Europe College

                                                                                                         ”Aquarium” Hall,  The National University of Music in Bucharest, Media Center, 15.00h

Book Launch: volumes by Prof. Gheorghe Dutica (The “George Enescu” Arts University in Iasi). Speakers: the author, Viorel Munteanu, Dan Dediu


Nirvana – Beyond Self


UNMB, ”Auditorium” Hall, 16.00h

Barrie Webb (trombone)

Cain Katsumi Yokoyama – Requiem…ad vitam aeternam (p.a.r.)

1. Introit

2. Kyrie

3. Offertorium

4. Sanctus

5. Benedictus

6. Agnus Dei

7. Lux aeterna

8. Libera me

9. In Paradisum


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


UNMB, ”Auditorium” Hall, 17.00h

Solartis String Quartet

Sabin Penea (1st violin), Ana Maria Marian (2nd violin),

Laura Zecheru (viola), Andrei Nițescu (cello)

Corneliu Dan Georgescu: String Quartet No. 16 “Atemporal Landscape”

Bogdan Vodã: String Quartet (f.p.)

Viorel Munteanu: String Quartet No.2

Frank Zabel - Dance Macabre

In collaboration with the National “George Enescu” Museum in Bucharest


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


Romanian Radio, Mihail Jora Hall, 19.00h

Radio Chamber Orchestra

Cristian Oroșanu (conductor)

Diana Moș (violin), Mircea Marian (cello),

Sergiu Cârstea (trumpet), Antonela Bârnat (mezzosoprano)

Dan Buciu: Cristiane for orchestra (f.p.)

Ulpiu Vlad: Sonorities and Anemona III – Concerto for violin, celor and string orchestra (f.p.)

Liviu Dãnceanu: SymConcertPhony for trumpet and orchestra (f.p.)

Livia Teodorescu-Ciocãnea: Mysterium tremendum II for mezzosoprano and orchestra (f.p.)

In collaboration with The Romanian Radio Society


Thursday, 26th May


New Europe College, 17.00h

In Search of Medieval Music in Africa – Lecture by Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Busse Berger (University of California, Davis/ SUA)

In collaboration with New Europe College


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


UNMB, ”G. Enescu” Hall, 17.00h

Archaeus Ensemble

Liviu Dãnceanu (conductor)

Dorin Gliga (oboe), Ion Nedelciu (clarinet), Șerban Novac (bassoon),

Marius Lãcraru (violin), Anca Vartolomei (cello), Sorin Rotaru (percussion),

Rodica Dãnceanu (piano), Simona Jidveanu (soprano)

Dan Voiculescu: Flowers for two symanterions

Ștefan Niculescu: Inventions for clarinet and piano

Horațiu Rãdulescu: Dr. Kay Hong’s Diamond Mountain VI op.77.6  for violin and 16 spectral gongs

Nicolae Brînduș: Melopedie & Fuga for bassoon

Ghenadie Ciobanu: La Cancion que no fue cantada y la ultima Serenata de Juan Carlos O. for cello

Anatol Vieru: Rubato for percussion

Pascal Bentoiu: The Poet and the Sea for soprano and piano, verses by Nina Cassian

Aurel Stroe: Humoreske mit zwei Durchblicken zum Leeren for ensemble


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


Romanian Athenaeum, 19.00h

”George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra

Peter Ruzicka (conductor)

Florian Mitrea (pian)

Peter Ruzicka: Elegie. Erinnerung fur Orchester (f.r.p.)

W. A. Mozart: Concerto for piano and orchestra No.21

George Enescu: Symphony No.3

In collaboration with the “George Enescu” Philharmonic


Friday, 27th May


New Europe College, 13.00h

Bossa-nova recital: composer, singer and performer Chico Mello (Brazil/Germany)

In collaboration with New Europe College


Matrix – Beyond Nature



UNMB, Mediateque, 3rd Floor, 16.00h

Partita Radicale

Ute Völker (accordeon), Karola Pasquay (flute),

Ortrud Kegel (flute), Thomas Beimel (viola), Gunda Gottschalk (violin)

Ars Subtilior  (happening, 45’)


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


UCMR Hall, 17.00h

Christian Nas and Antal Sandor (violas)

György Ligeti: Balade and Dance

György Kurtág : Jelek, játékok és üzenetek / Signs, Games and Messages

Nicolae Teodoreanu: Muguri si flori / Buds and Flowers (f.p.)

Miriam Marbe: Sonata for two violas

Mihnea Brumariu: Duo for 2 violas (1. Wer arbeitet, ist der Dumme; 2. Masonic Music)

Máté Hollós: Viole contro violenze  (parts 1, 3, 5)

Könczei Árpád : Broken Music for 2 violas


Nirvana – Beyond Self


UNMB, Opera and Multimedia Studio, 17.00h

SonoMania Ensemble

Mihai Pintenaru (clarinet), Valentin Ghita (oboe), Raluca Stratulat (violin),

Tamara Dica (viola), Eugen-Bogdan Popa (cello), Alexandru Stroe (percussion), Eliza Puchianu (piano)

Diana Rotaru (conductor) 

Irina Ungureanu, Veronica Anuşca (sopranos)

Cristina Lilienfeld, Smaranda Gãbudeanu (dancers)


Diana Rotaru – ÎN TRUP / IN BODY – chamber opera (f.p.)

Libretto: Ciprian Mãceșaru

Choreography: Cristina Lilienfeld

Scenography: Anca Albani

Assistant scenographer: Tara Dobrovolschi

Video projections: Serioja Bocsok, Alina Usurelu

Lights: Michael Eigemann


Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


Romanian Radio, Mihail Jora Hall, 19.00h

National Radio Orchestra and Radio Academic Choir

Gheorghe Costin (conductor), Ciprian Țuțu (choir conductor)

Emil Vișenescu (clarinet)

Sorin Petrescu (piano)

Doina Rotaru – Fragile II for clarinet and orchestra (R.f.p.)

Adrian Iorgulescu – Hypostases I for piano and orchestra

Anatol Vieru – Symphony No. 5  for choir and orchestra


Matrix – Beyond Nature



UNMB Mediateque, “Aquarium” Hall, 21.00h

MUSIC-BOX: Sound Installations and Video-music

Gheorghe Costinescu, Cãtãlin Crețu, Mihaela Vosganian, Deutsche Musikrat


A german sound – mobile contemporary sound-art exhibition

Producer: Deutscher Musikrat – in collaboration with the Bucharest Goethe Institute

Curators: Stefan Fricke and Johannes S. Sistermanns, opening speech: J.S. Sistermanna

Sound art installation

Ciprian Ciuclea: SIGNAL. 8 MINUTES AFTER.

Curator: Cãtãlin Crețu


Gheorghe Costinescu: One Minute Tribute: 9/11/2001

Gheorghe Costinescu: Tai-Chi on the Hudson – for string quartet and animation

MIhaela Vosganian: Saturnian – “Lord of the Rings” – for electronic medium and photo-video design

In collaboration with Goethe Institute and NouMax


Saturday, 28th May


UNMB, ”Dinu Lipatti” Hall, 10.00h

International Musicology Symposium. Themes: Anatol Vieru, Dorel Pașcu and Cristina Rădulescu-Pașcu.

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Olguța Lupu 


Iulia Cibisescu-Duran: “Modalism and syntax in the 7th String Quartet by Anatol Vieru”

Livia Teodorescu-Ciocanea & Joel Crotty: “Anatol Vieru’s 5th Symphony: a musical esthetics associated with Eminescu and prime numbers”

Dana Cristina Probst: “On the Road, with Anatol Vieru”

Lena Conta-Vieru: ”The Two Piano Sonatas by Anatol Vieru”

Liviu Marinescu: “The Soloist and his Eternal Alter-Ego in Anatol Vieru’s Music”

Olguta Lupu: “Melodic Nonconformity in Anatol Vieru’s Creation”

Corneliu Dan-Georgescu: “Anatol Vieru, his Generation and its Weltanschauung”

Andrei Vieru: “Time in Anatol Vieru’s Music and Essays”


Valentina Sandu-Dediu: “Cristina Radulescu-Pascu: the Ideal Guide through Folkloristics and Ethnomusicology”

Adina Dumitrescu & Dana Cristina Probst: “The Joy of Sharing the Romanian Musical Traditions”

Mihaela Nubert-Chetan: “In memoriam Cristina Radulescu-Pascu. Manuscripts from the Archive of the “Constantin Brailoiu” Ethnography and Folklore Institute”

Constantin Secara: “Cristina Radulescu-Pascu, Scholar and Teacher. Her Role and Place in Romanian Ethnomusicological Research and Didactics”


Dan Buciu: “Dorel Pascu – Sketch for a Portrait”

Marius Ungureanu: “The Road to Inner Self”

Ion Ivan Roncea: “Dorel, as I knew him”

Roman Vlad: “Dorel Pascu-Radulescu – a Remarkable Human and Professional Model” 


UCMR Hall, 11.00h

Claudia Codreanu (mezzosoprano)

Diana Vodã (piano)

Adrian Rațiu – Hommage a Eric Satie. 3 Songs on poems by Tristan Tzara (1994)

Diana Vodã – Patima on poems by Nina Cassian  (2015)

Dan Constantinescu – Six poemes francais on poems by Rainer Maria Rilke and Nicolae Coman

Olguta Lupu – Psalm on poems by Tudor Arghezi (2015)

Didier Schein – Indicateur des chemins de coeur, Demmarage, Regle on poems by Tristan Tzara (2013)


UNMB, Mediateque, Projection Hall, 15.00h

Workshop with the composer Yinam Leef (Jerusalem Academy of Music an Dance, Israel)



Nirvana – Beyond Self


UNMB, Opera and Multimedia Studio, 17.00h

Trio Contraste

Ion Bogdan Ștefãnescu (flutes), Doru Roman (percussion),

Sorin Petrescu (keyboards)

Violeta Dinescu: Nosferatu (1922) by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

(Stummfilm with live-music – first movie of the Dracula novel by Bram Stoker)



Ullyses – Beyond Tradition


UNMB, ”George Enescu” Hall, 19.00h

AdHOC Ensemble

Raluca Ilovan (flute), Adrian Cioban (oboe), Aurelian Bãcan (clarinet),

Rãzvan Poptean (clarinet), Radu Dunca (violin), Ovidiu Costea (viola),

Vlad Rațiu (cello), Eva Butean (piano), Emil Simion (percussion)

Matei Pop (conductor)

Alexandru Mihalcea: Bolta for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Heinz Holliger: Studie über Mehrklänge for oboe (f.r.p.)

Adrian Pop: Ricorrenze (f.p.)

Tiberiu Herdlicska: Xibalba for flute and piano (f.p.)

Robert Moser: Pierrot soldat / Extended moments I (f.p.)

Aurelian Bãcan: Shaman (f.p.)

Stefan Wirth: Vitruvius Teutsch (f.p.)

Cristian Bence-Muk: Tulburarea apelor (f.p.)

Concert produced within the “Sighisoara Academy” Project, co-financed by a grant from Switzerland.


Matrix – Beyond Nature


UCMR Hall, 21.00h

Irinel Anghel & Friends

Posthumanism (50’)


Temporary disturbing artistic event by Irinel Anghel

Retrofuturist performance with 3 perturbing initiations

1st Gate – Little Kingdom of Leftovers with almost no side effects

2nd Gate – The unlived and unremembered life

3rd Gate – Upside down



Irinel Anghel & Friends

Irinel Anghel –  voice, performance; Paul Dunca –  dance, performance; David Szederjessi – percussion; Călin Torsan –  wind instruments; Victor Podeanu – electric guitar; Darie Nemeş-Bota –  wind objects; Alexandru Sima – electronics; Marian Cîtu – electronics; Bogdan Frigioiu – electric guitar; Vasile Gherghel – live video; Sabina Ulubeanu – soundbox, performance; Bogdana Dima –  accordion, performance;

Guest: Daniel Stancu – performance – “Consuming Connections”


 Sunday, 29th May


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


UNMB, ”G. Enescu” Hall, 11.00h

Pas Classique Ensemble

Mircea Pãdurariu (conductor)

Cornel Țãranu: Barroccoco

Maia Ciobanu: Diary 2016 (f.p.)

Carmen Cârneci: Secondary Exile

Sorin Lerescu: Sound-Form-Color II (f.p.)

George Balint: Hunab-Ku


Gulliver – Beyond Culture


Romanian Athenaeum, 17.00h

”Madrigal – Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir

Anna Ungureanu (conductor)

Swedish Traditional Music: Värmlandsvisan

Anders Õhrwall: Polka från Rättwik

Marin Constantin: Heteros

Ola Gjeilo: Unicornis captivatur

Sabina Ulubeanu: In vino veritas

Ola Gjeilo: Northern Lights

Cristian Alexandru Petrescu: Anti-Schisma Laudatio

Henk Badings: Vocalizzo burlesco

Grigore Cudalbu: Quasi Motet

Vytautas Miskinis: Pater noster

Pelle Olofson: Hear My Prayer 


Nirvana – Beyond Self



UNMB, ”G. Enescu” Hall, 19.00h


Petra Panã (flute), Cosmin Sperneac (oboe), Emil Vișenescu (clarinet), Laurențiu Darie (bassoon),

Sorin Lupașcu (French horn), Mihai Toth (trumpet), Florin Pane (trombone), Laurențiu Sima (tuba),

Sorin Rotaru (percussion), Adriana Maier (piano),

Diana Moș (1st violin I), Oana Vișenescu (2nd violin), Marian Movileanu (viola),

Mircea Marian (cello), Dinu Petrache (contrabass)

Tiberiu Soare (conductor)

Chico Mello (Brazilia) – los arvores (f.p.)

Octavian Nemescu – N.w.

Cãlin Ioachimescu – Oratio II for ensemble

Yinam Leef (Israel) – Impro’s Imprint for ensemble (f.p.)

Romanian pianist wins “Contemporary Piano” Award in Madrid

28 years old Romanian pianist Alexandru Belemuski was awarded the “Contemporary Piano” Award in Madrid, at the Annual Gala organized by the Miguel Ángel Colmenero Foundation for promoting young artists. The prize is due to the performance of the Piano Suite by Spanish composer Jesús Aranda, during and winner of the Carmelo Bernaola composition competition.

The “Contemporary Piano” Award was presented to Alexandru Belemuski by Spanish composer Sebastian Mariné, member of an elite jury. All the winners performed in a concert after the Gala. Alexandru Belemuski was invited to perform at the prestigious Auditorio Nacional in Madrid on January 16th 2016.

Alexandru Belemuski was born in Romania, in Giurgiu, în 1988. He has been living in Spain since 2000, having graduated from the Superior Music Conservatory in Aragon.