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CIMRO Scores Launch

The Official Opening of CIMRO during the International New Music Week festival in Bucharest. Check out some pics from the event (photographer: Stefan Firca)

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CIMRO Scores Samples

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Miron Ghiu

Born on March 21st 1980 in Bucharest, Miron Ghiu won the second prize at the International Philosophy Competition, in 1998, with an essay about virtual spaces. He studied philosophy at the University of Bucharest and started to work as a new media and music journalist. In 2004 he published books on The Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne & Marilyn Manson and worked for about 3 years as a PR Manager for EMI Romania and BMG. For some years now Miron Ghiu is a freelance journalist for various media outlets and a sound designer and DJ. He’s mad about music, passionate about technology and tends to use all kinds of media in his works. He’s a transhumanist and he loves robots as much as humans, waiting for the technological singularity to come. Politically speaking, Miron Ghiu is an anarchist.

In 2006 he was sound designer for a multimedia CD-ROM based on Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “Little Prince”.  In 2008 he started to DJ for various events and clubs.  Since 2010 he’s a member of Nava Spatiala, an experimental ambient/drone/noise duo which debuted in 2012 @ . In 2011 Nava Spatiala performed at the Simultan festival. In 2010 he did the sound design for an art exhibition held at the Brukhental Contemporary Art Museum. In 2011 he held an open studio using all kinds of media, from gramophone recordings to hacked game consoles, for Platforma Space, subsidiary exhibition space of the National Contemporary Art Museum in Bucharest. In 2012 he was sound designer for “Reality Videograms”, a video installation by Cinty Ionescu at Aiurart Gallery in Bucharest. He was also sound designer for a mixed-media performance produced independently in Bucharest and performed in various spaces around the country – “Detox” by Roland Barthes.  He participated in the Young Artists Biennal with a video documenting visible communication cables in Bucharest -  “Cabluri/Cables”.  He did the sound design for “Urme de distrugere pe Marte”a performative installation in a theatrical context @ Teatrul Odeon.

LINKS: Soundcloud 1, Soundcloud 2, Soundcloud 3, Nava Spatiala