se8tembr10 festival 2017

What is se8tembr10?

se8tembr10 (septembryo) is the name of an interdisciplinary micro-festival hosted by ARCUB Bucharest and managed by Olga Berar, Adrian Ciglenean and Constantin Basica in collaboration with cultural/ educational institutions (Cultural Romanian Institute New York and CCRMA Department of Stanford University).

The first three editions of the festival are not funded but are supported by local businesses, logistic institutional support and the artists themselves. This will change from the fourth edition (2019) when a funding structure should be in place. 

What is an interdisciplinary micro-festival? 

It’s a small scale event run by a small team in a smalll space for little audience. An interdisciplinary storm in a small cup. It lasts only three days (8-10 September) for two hours a day (8-10 pm) for 50 audience members at each event (6 = 2 profiles x 3 days)

The first part of each day (music seen), lasting 40-45 minutes brings a composer on stage to profile her/himself while using (or not) visual elements and supporting artists

The second part (poetry unseen), lasting 60 minutes generates a performative profile which, while present, cannot be seen. The performative concept, namely inner theatre was developed by Citit În Laboratory and is performed by its members and the invited artists.

What’s going on in 2017 at se8tembr10?

This year’s edition (the second) profiles composers/ musicans Fu Xiao, Nava Spațială (Miron Ghiu / Claudiu Chihăescu) and Abstraum (Mitoș Micleușanu).

The profiled poets are Robert G. Elekes, Cristina Stancu and Florin Iaru

Day One

8 PM: Fu Xiao (CN/DE) supported by Simona Dabija (RO) and Olga Berar (RO)

9 PM: Robert G. Elekes (RO) & Fu Xiao & Citit În

Day Two

8 PM: Abstraum (Mitoș Micleușanu) (RO)

9 PM: Cristina Stancu (RO) & Chris Chafe (US) & Citit În

Day Three

8 PM: Nava Spațială (Miron Ghiu / Claudiu Chihăescu) (RO)

9 PM: Florin Iaru (RO) & Miron Ghiu / Claudiu Chihăescu & Constantin Basica (RO/US) & Citit În

First edition profiled composers Constantin Basica (RO/US), Alex Chechile (US), Neil O’Loghlen (IE) supported by Jonathan Orland (FR) and poets Valentina Chirița/ val chimic (RO), Bianca Oana (RO) and Vasile Mihalache (RO)



Fu Xiao

is a multimedia composer and sound designer. She was born in Zhengzhou, China. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in electronic composition from the Wuhan conservatory with Prof. Liu Jian and working at the Henan State Radio as a music editor, she studied from 2010 to 2013 in the master program in multimedia composition at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater. There, she studied with professor Peter Michael Hamel and professor Georg Hajdu. Currently, Xiao is continuing her studies in Hamburg in a joint doctoral program in musicology and composition focussing on gesture-controlled instruments. Her compositions and installations were shown in China, Europe and North America.

Simona Dabija (RO)

is currently undergoing master studies in Coreography at UNATC Bucharest where she graduated in 2016 with the „Just in Case” performance

She is part of a Globus Circus/ Cirque du Soleil collaboration and is a performer in „Casanova” and „Kafka – 5 vise” directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu at Odeon Theatre, Bucharest.

Also, in 2016 she performed in „Don Juan” directed by Anda Tăbăcaru Hogea at ARCUB, Bucharest and designed the stage dancing for „CEARTĂ-r” directed by Theo Herghelegiu at Teatrul de Artă, Bucharest.

She also felt inspirde by working/ meeting Thomas Steyart (performer in Wim Vandekeybus’s company Ultima Vez), Simona Deaconescu („Counterbody” and „0003 Aftertaste”) and Dilmana Yordanova (visual artist, co-founder of Kotki Visuals Studio)

Robert G. Elekes

graduated National College „Aprily Lajos” in Brașov in 2004 and Literature Department of Transilvania University from Brașov in 2008. He finished doctoral studies at „Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu with a work about German literature in communist Romania. Currently he is a literature and translation teacher at Transilvania University in Brașov and Sapientia University in Târgu Mureș. He was first published by „Corpul T” magazine and debuted in 2015 his first poetry book „ aici îmi iau dinții-n spinare și adio” at Tracus Arte publishing house

Olga Berar

is violinist and performer. She graduated UNMB Bucharest and has a MA at CIT Cork School of Music where she studied with Adrian Petcu. She collaborated with Neuen Internationalen Philarmonie Orchestra Munich,  Sommer Oper Bamberg European Orchestra and Wexford Opera and in 2014 performed a solo accompanied by Orchestra de Cameră Radio Bucharest. She is co-founder of Citit În Laboratory (2012) where she innitiates and participates in various interdisciplinary projects with an immersive character. She is co-founder and developer of the sensory poetry and inner theatre performative concepts.

Adrian Ciglenean

is an actor and artistic coach, a Moving Academy for Performing Arts Diploma (NL) and Acting Department of Spiru Haret University of Bucharest graduate.

The significant turning points of his career were „Orfeu sau cum să te dezbraci de pene” performance directed by Nona Ciobanu at Teatru Mic, Bucharest (2005), „Shiver/ The Taboo of Skin” directed by Jan Langedijk for MAPA Summer Academy (2005) and „Tryptich/ It is The Time That Prints on Wax” directed by Ursula Mawson Raffalt at Projects Art Center, Dublin.

Since 2017 he undergoes an informal research on adult and youth education through theatre, initiating laboratories and trainings and coaching over 40 performances across Europe. He is co-founder and developer of the sensory poetry and inner theatre performative concepts.

Constantin Basica

Constantin Basica is a Romanian composer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose current work explores perceptual illusions in the context of audiovisual performance. His compositions include pieces for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, and orchestra. In recent years, he has been composing multimedia works for acoustic instruments, electronics, and video, which have been performed in Europe and in the United States by artists such as Séverine Ballon, Tony Arnold, Olga Berar, Bogdan Popa, ELISION Ensemble, Ensemble Dal Niente, Distractfold Ensemble, Ensemble Liminar, JACK Quartet, Spektral Quartet, and Rage Thormbones. Constantin is the Alice Wilber Chapman graduate fellow at Stanford University, where he is working with Jaroslaw Kapuscinski and Brian Ferneyhough toward a DMA in Composition. He is also studying with Mark Applebaum and Erik Ulman. He holds an MA degree in Multimedia Composition from the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre in Germany, where his mentor was Georg Hajdu, as well as two BA degrees in Composition and Conducting from the National University of Music Bucharest in Romania, where he studied with Dan Dediu.

Citit În

is an interdisciplinary artistic laboratory founded in Bucharest in 2011. Initially self-described as a „playground for artists” the laboratory is aiming to provide a space where artists can explore shared affinities beyond formal affiliations. Rather than refuting aesthetic values or intellectual aproaches, Citit În is exposing the current dictature of seen/known in order to adjust its marriage with the unseen/unknown. Two of the main results of its explorations are the performative concepts of inner theatre and sensory poetry, as the intensified expression of emotions and ideas by sensory impulses in a empathically required style and rythm within the performative act.

Currently the laboratory is active in Bucharest while its replicas founded in 2012 in Cluj (Citit În Cluj) and in 2013 in Porto (Quadro Negro) are undergoing a temporary hiatus.

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