Bird’s-eye view on Romanian music

Diana Rotaru

Bucharest based SonoMania New Music Ensemble will perform in July 2017 a new concert-project in Bucharest (4.07) and in Rome (12.07). Bird’s Eye View (Din Zbor de Pasăre) presents an incomplete, fugitive, “panoramic” view on modern and contemporary Romanian chamber music, covering several different generations and styles. Starting with George Enescu, the father of the modern Romanian composition school, and his sublime 2nd Violin Sonata, SonoMania offers a program that includes Doina Rotaru’s Fum / Smoke for clarinet, Aurel Stroe’s Fantasia quasi una sonata for cello and piano, fragments from Dan Dediu’s piano suite, Lévantiques, as well as two ensemble pieces belonging to the younger generation of Romanian composers: Mihai Măniceanu and his wonderful postmodern ludic Waltz Invitation and Diana Rotaru with Verde. Romantic cantability, power, tongue-in-cheek humour but also archaic Romanian lamentation (“doina”), all these expressive colours are used to paint a Romanian musical context as diverse as possible, in-between the New and the Traditional.

National “George Enescu” Museum in Bucharest | July 4th, Cantacuzino Palace Hall, 7.30 p.m.


Accademia Filarmonica Romana | Festival Estivo 2017 | July 12th, Sala Casella, 8 p.m.



Romanian Modern and Contemporary Music


SonoMania New Music Ensemble

Raluca Stratulat, violin

Mihai Pintenaru, clarinet

Eugen-Bogdan Popa, cello

Mihai Măniceanu, piano

Artistic Director: Diana Rotaru



George Enescu2nd Violin Sonata, part 1

Aurel StroeFantasia quasi una sonata for cello and piano / synthetizer

Doina Rotaru Fum (Smoke) – for clarinet and resonator

Dan DediuLévantiques for solo piano, op. 64

Nr. 6 – bêtes nostalgiques – Lamento

Nr. 8 – Axionvorspiel – Scala aenigmatica

Nr. 12 – Le vent du Transylvanie

Mihai Măniceanu Invitaţie la Vals (Waltz Invitation) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Diana Rotaru Verde for clarinet, violin, cello and piano


Total: ca 60 min


The concert is supported by The National “George Enescu” Museum and The Romanian Cultural Institute.

Special thanks to Solèart Management

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